Jeddah - Japan's global "Anime Village" events, the first of its kind in the world, attract visitors to the Jeddah season through its dazzling diverse activities, hosted in the "City Walk" area, with an array of shows, events, and various parties which will continue for 45 days, in the presence of Japanese figures and many fans of the famous anime event.

The Anime Village activities include the longest costume parade, cinema shows, DJ Zak, Manga artists, Otaku Hour, and many exciting Japanese shows.

The Jeddah Season management provided the “Anime Village” in City Walk with many facilities and services where the visitor can spend a remarkable journey in the world of art and entertainment with unique Japanese characters. The Japanese corner will receive its visitors with performance bands, Japanese restaurants, anime stores, an anime Labyrinth, and many international anime plays.

A total of 50 award-winning exhibitors in the Japanese anime shows will participate in this showy art, in an exciting and fun-filled atmosphere, distributed over nine diverse entertainment sections, and restaurants and stores where famous anime products will be on display.