Oud gift ensemble

Immerse your loved ones in the rich scents and spiritual essence of oud with this exquisite gift basket. Oud, derived from the rare agarwood, known as the world's most expensive timber, has been a cherished fragrance in the Middle East for millennia, enhancing homes and religious ceremonies.

Decorative delights

Embellish your loved ones' homes during Ramadan with the gift of Islamic wall art decorations or enchanting lanterns. These symbols of Ramadan celebration will infuse positive energy and radiance into their lives.

Modest elegance in attire

Symbolising grace and modesty, Islamic clothing serves as the perfect blend of practicality and sophistication for both Ramadan and everyday wear. Surprise your loved ones with modest clothing allowing them to express their devotion through fashionable attire.

Timeless jewellery

Showcase your deep affection with a timeless gift of elegant jewellery inspired by Islamic art and architecture. Choose necklaces or pieces adorned with stunning calligraphy and intricate patterns, crafted from gold, silver, or precious diamonds. This luxurious and thoughtful gesture speaks volumes about your appreciation and value for your loved ones.

Artisanal prayer rugs

Show your respect for your loved ones' religious practices by gifting them a handcrafted prayer rug. Pick rugs with detailed artwork and high-quality materials, ensuring they are not only beautiful but also practical for daily prayers. This meaningful present becomes a cherished part of their spiritual routine, reflecting your care for what matters most to them.

Aroma-filled evenings

Elevate the Ramadan spirit with scented candles infused with essential oils, creating a pleasant atmosphere when lit. These candles contribute to mental well-being and add a delightful touch to family gatherings during Ramadan evenings.

Delectable dessert extravaganza

As we eagerly anticipate breaking fasts, surprise your loved ones with a platter filled with irresistible desserts such as baklavas, kunafa, basbousa, qatayef, balah el sham, luqmat al qadi, and more. Indulge in the joy of delightful flavours during these special moments.

Date delights

Turn a traditional food into a creative and fancy gift by presenting a box of dates with various fillings such as peanut butter, roasted almond, and pistachio, some even covered in chocolate. Encourage the enjoyment of these delightful treats during the blessed month of Ramadan.

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