JEDDAH — The Jeddah Historic District witnessed an extraordinary influx of over 2.5 million visitors during the Ramadan season, showcasing its exceptional capacity for service and crowd management.

This period of heightened activity underscored the district's commitment to sustainable urban development and security, setting a benchmark for organized and accessible public spaces.

A meticulously crafted facilities management and crowd control strategy was key to managing the visitor surge. Over 830 dedicated employees contributed more than 250,000 work hours to maintain cleanliness and order, employing an extensive range of over 600 cleaning machines and tools. This effort was bolstered by the use of more than 16,000 liters of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, ensuring the district's commitment to sustainability.

The district's sanitation efforts extended to accommodating the high usage of public restrooms, which served an average of 5,000 daily users. Waste management initiatives were also notable, with over 1,900 tons of waste and 70 tons of cardboard being efficiently processed and removed, equivalent to approximately 380,000 waste bags, via over 550 waste transfer operations.

Safety and security were paramount, with over 1,000 security personnel deployed across the district, complemented by eight rapid response teams and six ambulances for emergencies. Crowd flow was expertly managed by 350 organizers at 14 key locations, and 70 golf carts facilitated easy transportation to and from parking areas for visitors.

Spanning a 2.5 square kilometer area, the Jeddah Historic District is undergoing significant revitalization, including infrastructure enhancements, building restorations, and a diverse calendar of cultural events. The goal is to transform the district into a bustling hub for business, cultural initiatives, and entrepreneurship, making it a prime destination for visitors seeking a vibrant and engaging experience.

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