Content creators Dontai and Kaory Leonard are a couple who come from different religious backgrounds and they recently relocated to Dubai from London. And this holy month is extra special for them — it's the first Ramadan in a Muslim country for Dontai, and Kaory, a Christian, is taking an extra step to support her husband.

Dontai, who is British, converted to Islam at 13. Growing up in London and being the only Muslim in the family, he encountered several challenges, "I converted to Islam at a very young age. There were times when I wasn't that connected to religion and didn't fast. And then there were Ramadans where I faced challenges, with little family support, encountering pork in my house, and other obstacles,” he told Times.

As Dontai grew older and had a better understanding of Islam, his faith grew stronger. "Over the past four or five years, I've felt a stronger connection, and Ramadan has been amazing, especially here in Dubai," Dontai added.

He highlighted the structure and routine of his daily prayers and the focus on spiritual connection rather than food. The couple acknowledges that their work as full-time content creators with about 380K subscribers on Youtube, keeps them occupied throughout the day, but they prioritise connecting with God.

"This year in Dubai has been the best. Having a structured routine, going to the mosque every night with my friends, has added so much to the experience. When you're praying five times a day, your focus shifts from thinking about food to connecting with God, reading parts of the Quran, and just being close to Him. I always remind myself that without God, there would be no iftar,” he added

Fasting for love

This Ramadan wasn't only special for Dontai but also to his wife Kaory. When asked about fasting during Ramadan, Kaory explains that she sees it as an opportunity to support her husband.

"I feel like it's my pleasure to be part of something that my husband loves and practices. For him, Ramadan is important, so I want to make this experience even better for him and do it with him. Our energies should be on the same level, it will bond us even more," she emphasised.

Dontai appreciates his wife's dedication and support, stating: "I'm very happy that she's been supporting me and fasting with me. I'm very proud of her."

Kaory, who’s half Italian and half Venezuelan, initially found fasting challenging. "In London, I tried fasting for one day, and I found it quite difficult. But here in Dubai, it's a lot easier because of the city's vibrancy and the ability to keep a routine. The day passes quickly, and the reward of breaking the fast feels amazing." She acknowledges occasional discomfort, such as stomach cramps and momentary nausea, but finds solace in overcoming those challenges.

The couple who moved to the UAE in August, understood the significance of sharing the fasting experience, breaking their fast together, side by side. Dontai recalls his past experiences in London, where he felt a sense of loneliness during Ramadan due to the lack of Muslim friends and communal gatherings.

The couple's daily routine

Explaining their daily routine as content creators. Koary shared “We start our day by diving straight into work. We brainstorm ideas, edit videos, create content, and manage our schedules. Our days are filled with constant creativity and productivity, which helps time pass quickly."

During Ramadan, Kaory takes charge of cooking at home, ensuring that their iftar meals are simple and light. They aim not to overeat, keeping in mind that the hunger quickly subsides after the first bite.

Excitement for his first celebration

For Dontai, the upcoming Eid celebration holds immense significance as he prepares to experience it for the very first time. Having never celebrated Eid before due to the absence of Muslim family members, his close friends always celebrate the occasion with their families. Dontai is excited about the prospect of embracing this important holiday in a Muslim country and mostly excited about Eid prayer.

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