ABU DHABI - The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) said that Emiratis must follow three crucial steps during their employment to ensure their insurance benefits: register with the GPSSA upon employment, ensure timely monthly contributions from the first month, and track retirement pensions, end-of-service gratuities, or compensation due.

Failure to register with the GPSSA disqualifies Emiratis from receiving insurance benefits. While entities are responsible for GPSSA registration, employees must verify that the process is completed within 30 days of joining. If registration or contributions are delayed, employees should immediately notify the GPSSA to protect their rights.

To qualify for GPSSA registration and contributions, the insured must be Emirati nationals aged 18 to 60 with a medical fitness certificate. This requirement applies to all Emiratis working in federal, government, or private sectors in the UAE, except government and private sector employees in Abu Dhabi and government sector employees in Sharjah.

After registration, the insured should know the exact contribution amounts from both themselves and their employers to avoid transaction delays.

Emiratis in the private sector who want to benefit from the NAFIS programme must also register and contribute monthly to the GPSSA. The Authority and NAFIS share an electronic link to monitor employer compliance with registration and contribution requirements.