UAE-based entities are now able to reattach and resubmit an insured’s document or application form when registering their Emirati employees, contrary to the previous rejection process in place, announced the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA).

The upgrade to the insured’s registration process comes in line with GPSSA’s quest to continue upgrading its services for customers as part of its alignment with the UAE government's ‘Services 2.0’ campaign in its 3rd cycle.

The previous practice rejected applications citing incomplete documents, resulting in removing the transaction from the system and forcing the employer to resubmit the application form.

In order to avoid a negative impact on the service index, which specifies the number of days to complete the service, GPSSA decided to amend the entire process.

According to statistics, the number of rejected transactions in the first quarter of 2024 reached 34.64 percent as a result of incomplete data and attachments entered by the customer (employer). Therefore, it was decided to allow the customer to amend the applicant’s attachments and details rather than to reject transactions in order to increase operational efficiency between employers/entities and the GPSSA, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and strategic partnerships.

The registration service for an insured Emirati, which is undergone by the entity, starts with filling out and attaching a service start form, downloading a copy of the Emirates ID, a copy of the family book and details on whether the insured receives a pension or is employed with an attached pension receipt as proof.

GPSSA’s tireless efforts in improving its services have resulted in accelerating the completion of transactions, facilitating access and elevating the customer experience, factors that result in customer satisfaction and contribute to business competitiveness as part of the UAE government's mission to be recognised as one of the five best governments globally in terms of services.