RIYADH — The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) emphasized that its electronic service for the ‘Friendly Settlement’ of Labor Disputes enables amicable settlement of labor disputes between the worker and the employer in the first phase of considering labor dispute petitions filed electronically. If no settlement is reached within 21 days of the first session, then labor offices should electronically submit the case to labor courts, the ministry pointed out.

Under the amicable settlement system, an attempt is made to bring closer points of view, and mediation is conducted to reach an amicable solution that satisfies both parties if possible, or the case will be referred to the labor court within 21 working days from the date of the first session.

The ministry has made the friendly settlement services fully automatic through its official website, including the service of submitting the case electronically, and reviewing the formalization of the case. The system enables the plaintiff and the defendant to view the details of the case before the date of the hearing session. It also allows holding remote reconciliation sessions, which are characterized by high governance and the absence of any human interference in fixing appointments.

The ministry’s Friendly Settlement wing is specialized in receiving labor dispute lawsuits related to employment contracts, wages, rights, work injuries, compensation, termination, and the imposition of disciplinary penalties on the worker. A friendly settlement lawsuit can be filed through the ministry’s unified application, or through the ministry’s website to file a lawsuit. It is required to produce the proof of identity, nationality, residency, or passport, and the plaintiff (worker/employer) must provide proof of the contractual relationship.

This service will be available at the labor office within the jurisdiction of the workplace and the settlement office to which the lawsuit belongs. It requires acknowledgment and approval of the non-maliciousness of the lawsuit. Text messages and e-mails will be sent to all parties involved if the lawsuit is accepted. Messages informing the details of the hearing date will also be sent to all parties in the case.

If the plaintiff fails to attend, the case will be kept aside and he has the right to open it again within 21 working days. In the event that the defendant does not attend the first session, his services with the ministry will be suspended and a date for another session will be fixed. If the defendant’s absence is repeated, the worker can transfer his services to another employer without the consent of the current employer (the defendant) and the case will be referred to the labor courts.

However, in the event of reaching a settlement, the minutes of the settlement will be drawn up and made available for printing through the claims service. If there is no agreement, the lawsuit is transferred after the second session to the labor courts. The dates of the sessions will be determined later by the Ministry of Justice. The lawsuit is considered closed in the amicable settlement wing. The client prints the report and submits it via the Najiz system at the Ministry of Justice

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