DUBAI - The General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments at Dubai Police educated, trained, and rehabilitated 946 inmates during the first half of 2022, in an endeavour to rehabilitate inmates and provide them with the needed skills and abilities to start afresh life after serving their time.

Major General Ali Al Shamali, Director of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions in Dubai, reaffirmed their keenness on rehabilitating inmates, developing their educational and occupational capabilities, strengthening their faith and reviving their spirits to abolish the barrier of fear towards going back to the community after serving their sentence.

Maj-Gen Al Shamali explained that the Department of Inmates Education and Training at the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions has four sections: The Educational Programmes Section, which provides educational facilities, courses and materials to inmates wishing to complete their education at all stages and specialisations. The Religious Programmes Section focuses on spreading religious awareness through lectures, seminars, courses and workshops for memorising the Holy Qur’an.

The third section is the Sports Programmes Section, which organises sports activities and competitions throughout the year and provides inmates with annual TV subscriptions to all local, Arab and international tournaments and leagues. Finally, the Occupational Training Section helps inmates learn vocational and technical skills that could help them land jobs once released.

Major Muhammad Abdullah Al Obaidly, Director of Inmates Education and Training Department, said that the programmes featured photography workshops, 3D modelling courses, the English and Arabic arts festivals, computer courses, Arabic language courses, Reading Clubs, the Ramadan Sports Tournament, and many others.