UAE - Residents, beware; amid the recent increase in fraudulent activities from scammers impersonating various government authorities, a new scam has emerged to trick residents into payment – this time, from fraudsters pretending to be Dubai Police themselves.

Several Dubai residents have reported receiving an email asking them to pay traffic fines immediately, along with a link for payment.

"According to our records, you have recently been penalised for a road traffic offence", the email – complete with what appears to be the Dubai Police logo on top – reads. "It is imperative that you settle this fine within 24 hours from the receipt of this email."

The email further warns the recipient that the failure to make an immediate payment may result in additional consequences, such as further financial penalties, or even legal action.

Authorities in the country have advised residents on multiple occasions to remain vigilant and exercise caution when asked to provide personal information or make a payment.

Another scam, involving individuals receiving SMS messages and surveys falsely claiming to be associated with Emirates Post, has been circulating around the UAE, with the authority themselves taking to social media to urge residents to take precautions and avoid falling victim to fraud.

“We only send SMS through our Emirates Post registered account,” Emirates Post said on its website. It advised recipients of these messages to refrain from logging into the link provided.

How do you actually pay traffic fines?

Never fear – in the event of a traffic violation, various channels are available for motorists to safely make their payments. This can be done via Dubai Police's official website (, or the Dubai Police mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

Drivers will need to fill out the required details and may then proceed to pay the amount. Additional options for payment include apps like RTA and Dubai Drive.

How to spot a scam

In order to best protect themselves, residents can keep an eye out for a few tell-tale signs that a message may be of fraudulent nature. These include:

  1. Poor grammar
  2. Misspelt words
  3. An unknown number or ID that does not display the name of the authority
  4. A link for payment
  5. A message asking you to pay immediately.

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