AMMAN — The government is set to launch a unified digital platform to serve as a hub for electronic participation and interaction between government institutions and citizens, according to a well-informed government source in the IT sector.

Through this platform, the government aims to optimise the electronic tools to bolster community participation, notably in the legislative process, governmental decision-making, and the enhancement of public services to better meet their needs, the source said.

The source added that the platform's objectives also include fostering transparency, confidence, improving information quality and facilitating accessibility.

It was revealed that a tender has been issued to initiate the implementation of this project. Efforts are currently underway to finalise the tender process and commence the construction of the platform.

It is projected that the platform's initial trial version will be ready within the next six months.

The source highlighted three key focal points of the platform, designed to encourage citizen engagement with the government in an electronic manner. Firstly, there is the electronic consultation aspect “E-Consultation”, which entails conducting public consultations to gather opinions from relevant stakeholders and interested parties regarding government initiatives. By consolidating all public consultations on this platform, it eliminates the need for each institution to individually publish them on their respective websites and social media pages.

The source further emphasised that the platform will also include a second element, where citizens can actively participate in the decision-making process through electronic means. The “E-Decision Making” component aims to involve beneficiaries in shaping government decisions, as it allows citizens to contribute to decisions pertaining to the availability of public services or to participate in political decision-making.

Proposals could be presented to parliamentary councils and the Cabinet, allowing the government to study and share the results with the community or incorporate them in governmental priorities.

The platform will feature a third component focused on open government data and electronic information sharing “E-Information” to provide information in a user-friendly format, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all citizens.


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