Riyadh: The Ministry of Culture has successfully concluded an agreement with Kuwait-based Sakhr Software Company for the acquisition of the Sakhr Contemporary Arabic Lexicon (Al-Mu’jam Al-Mu’asir).

This agreement encompasses the transfer of intellectual property rights related to the lexicon, encompassing contemporary linguistic material and its applications that adhere to the principles of modern lexicography.

The lexicon offers a range of capabilities, including goal-setting, source identification, material selection, arrangement, interpretation, explanation, and user-friendly presentation.

The Secretary General of the King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language (KSAA), Abdullah Al-Washmi highlighted that this acquisition aligns with the ministry's support for the academy in its efforts to promote the presence of the Arabic language in contemporary applications. He commended the dedication of the Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for KSAA, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, in elevating all aspects of the cultural system through diverse channels and applications to serve both national and Arab cultures. Al-Washmi emphasized that this commitment reaffirms the Kingdom's pioneering global role in this field.

The Founder of Sakhr Software Company, Mohammed Al-Sharekh expressed his satisfaction with the ministry's adoption of the lexicon. He believes that this acquisition will mark a significant advancement for the lexicon, benefiting Arabic language users and propelling the language toward new horizons, made possible through institutional support. Al-Sharekh extended his gratitude to the culture minister and all those who played a professional and integrated role in the successful acquisition.