Riyadh: e& enterprise announced today the launch of a new Contact and Customer Experience Centre in Riyadh. Aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the new facility is designed to take customer experience to new heights while significantly contributing to the local economy by creating over 1,500 new jobs at various levels.

The announcement was made during the company's ceremony on Sunday, in the presence of Deputy Governor of the Communications, Space and Technology Commission for the Technology Sector Eng. Raed Al-Fayez and Deputy Minister Assistant of Capabilities Jobs Future Safa Alrashed.

e& enterprise's CEO Tariq Al-Anqari was present, together with a group of media representatives.

Al-Anqari said: "We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Contact and Customer Experience Centre, in our continuous efforts to support the digital transformation journey of the Kingdom's government and private entities, providing them with completely new digital experiences. At e& enterprise KSA, we are committed to Saudization and the professional development of local talents, contributing to achieving the digital ambitions and goals of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision."

The center is equipped with the latest communication technologies, NOC control and high-readiness data centers that comply with the Kingdom's cybersecurity requirements. It also adheres to the highest standards of quality, security and business continuity.

e& enterprise's Contact and Customer Experience Centre in Riyadh will be staffed by experts in customer experience and contact center management with technical and practical certificates specialized in quality management, customer, and beneficiary experience. The new facility will also focus on creating a suitable environment for national competencies and promoting investment in the business outsourcing sector, call centers, and control.

e& enterprise began its operations in Saudi Arabia in 2020 and has since expanded by acquiring several regional and local companies. e& enterprise KSA serves customers in five different sectors: cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, customer experience and call centers, and financial technology.

e& enterprise new center is bound to contribute to establishing a unique relationship with customers.