DXB Live, the integrated event management and experiential agency of Dubai World Trade Centre, is set to organise the globally renowned ‘Future Festival’ in cooperation with Trend Hunter, a top trend platform and innovation accelerator. This ground-breaking summit will be held on 24th and 25th April, 2024, at the Expo City Dubai, bringing together innovators from across the industry and tech enthusiasts from across the globe.

The inaugural hosting of Future Festival in the Middle East, themed ‘The Year AI Changes You!’, highlights Dubai’s and the UAE's commitment to embracing technology for innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth. It will serve as a unique platform for visionaries, AI enthusiasts, and industry leaders, to share valuable insights and explore the dynamic impact of AI, as well as work together to reshape the future.

In addition to highlighting the pioneering potential of artificial intelligence, the summit will also shed light on the emerging trends that are poised to rewrite the future of various industries across the spectrum as well as society as a whole. It will provide a comprehensive platform for participants to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, as well as the plethora of dynamic trends that will propel future innovations and advancements, through numerous engaging discussions and insightful sessions, such as Trend Talks. By doing so, the event aims to keep companies at the forefront of technological developments and push them to adapt their strategies according to these new trends and enter an era of unlimited industry opportunities.

Abdulaziz Al Jaziri, Deputy CEO and Chief Operations Officer of Dubai Future Foundation, said, "Hosting the ‘Future Festival Summit’ will contribute to strengthening Dubai and the UAE’s global position as a hub for innovation and technology. The UAE embraces a proactive approach in adopting and integrating AI across key sectors. The ‘Future Festival’ complements our approach to harnessing technologies of the future, which includes leveraging the immense potential of AI. By bringing together talented minds in technology and innovation, we are setting the stage for groundbreaking discussions and collaborations that will shape the future of industries and society at large.”

The summit seeks to delve deep into the untapped potential of artificial intelligence. It aims to encourage attendees and foster meaningful discussions through activities, including Trend Talks, Tech Demos, Customised Workshops, Trend Panel Discussions, and Keynotes on Policy and Governance. The summit will additionally feature speakers, such as Jeremy Gutsche, the award-winning author, CEO and Innovation Expert, to discuss AI and the Inflection Point. This is expected to provide attendees with a more comprehensive picture on how AI can serve as catalysts for further advancements and innovation in the future.

Jeremy Gutsche, award-winning author, CEO and Innovation Expert at Trend Hunter, stated, “As the host city, Dubai is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to technological advancements as well as building a platform to generate discussions that provide a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence. We are confident that this summit will transform the innovation landscape, and we are truly honoured to be playing a significant role in encouraging global efforts and cooperation.”

The UAE has demonstrated its commitment to fostering and advancing the growth of artificial intelligence by launching the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, which seeks to enhance the adoption of this transformative technology across numerous vital sectors, including education and government services. This strategy aims to position the country as a global hub for AI. Similarly, Dubai has also embarked on various initiatives to promote AI and its potential as a revolutionary technology. The emirate has been rightfully named the ‘City of Future’ as its technological and innovation leadership across numerous key sectors, from health and hospitality to retail, has been remarkable, fostering an environment conducive to growth. In the coming years, it is projected that the AI market in the Middle East would expand considerably as more and more companies have started to integrate AI into their operations. PwC research has found that artificial intelligence would account for about 14 percent of the UAE’s GDP by 2030, while the Middle East would reap 2 percent ($320 billion) of the total global benefits of AI.

DXB LIVE, being one of the fastest-growing event agencies in the Middle East, will deliver its extensive expertise in planning and organising large-scale events, while Trend Hunter, the world’s largest community for trend spotting across industries, will offer its valuable insights into the constantly changing world of technology. Together, they represent a powerful combination that promises a significant meeting platform.

The summit will serve as an ideal arena to journey through the uncharted territory of artificial intelligence, sparking global discussion on this disruptive technology and assisting companies to navigate the complexities of this new frontier. It promises to be a landmark gathering that unites top innovators from around the world to shape a better future.