10 January 2017

RIYADH — The Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) signed a phosphate fertilizer supply contract with Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) in the presence of Golam Moshi, Bangladesh Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The contract stipulates that Ma’aden will supply di-ammonium phosphate fertilizer (DAP) for the year 2017. BADC is a government-owned corporation which imports fertilizers under the umbrella of the Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony in Ma’aden’s Riyadh headquarters, Khalid Al Rowais, Senior Vice President of Ma’aden’s Phosphate Business Unit, said “we are pleased to once again offer quality, reliable fertilizer supplies to Bangladesh.

We hope to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture and the BADC by continuing to build on our long term relationship for many years to come.”

Ma’aden has developed a strong position as a key global supplier of phosphate fertilizer and currently delivers to clients in over 15 countries. When its recently announced third phosphate project becomes operational in 2024, Ma’aden will reach phosphate fertilizer production capacity of 9 million tons per year, positioning the company as a major international supplier.

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