SHARJAH - Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) has completed the implementation of a main line project, with a length of about 10 km, to connect the natural gas network to Al Zubair District to serve the residents.

Amna bin Hadda, Director of the Natural Gas Department, stated that the main line that was implemented to connect the natural gas network to Al Zubair District, with a diameter of 315 mm and a length of about 10 km, serving the people of the area.

She pointed out that the natural gas network and pumping stations operate according to the best technical specifications, and the highest international safety and security systems were taken into account in the construction of the network and the station that serves a number of areas, new expansions and development projects.

She added that the SEWA is keen to encourage the residents of Sharjah to use natural gas as compared to using liquefied gas cylinders, as it contributes to preserving the environment and is available at all hours of the day and achieves safety and security, noting that the authority applies the highest and most accurate specifications and standards in network extensions in addition to its competitive prices compared to the use of cylinders.