Abu Dhabi's DED announces support to startups

Best Startup to be given monetary award; full DED support promised to startups looking to set up in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi's DED announces support to startups

Development funding with multimillion-dollar potential available for the most innovative ideas and value-add R&D projects at RDPETRO

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development (DED) has announced support for the Startup Hub at RDPETRO, the largest oil and gas conference in the world fully dedicated to research and development, to be held on 9th-10th May 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

This is especially significant as 2018’s conference will have a particular focus on tech start-ups who will play a pivotal role in bringing new perspectives to RDPETRO, which presents a unique platform and business growth opportunities for these innovative organizations to show the potential of their projects, products and research and compete for investment.

In addition to providing a monetary award to the Best Startups, they have also offered their full support to startups looking to set up in the capital, including facilitating the filing of patents.

commenting on this new partnership, Mr. Salem Abdalla M. Bin Shabib, Advisor pf Innovation, Incubation and SME at the Department of Economic Development said “DED launched the Technology Innovation Pioneers “TIP” platform last year operated by Takamul program with the aim to create a more robust ecosystem for innovation and technology in the UAE, presenting real industry challenges and reaching out world-wide for innovative technological solutions, bringing them to the UAE and providing the ecosystem to encourage the growth of Start-ups and SMEs that would be home-grown.”

This news was shared at a closed-door roundtable held recently, where the panelists included RDPETRO Chairman Qasem Al Kayoumi, who is also Head of ADNOC’s Technical Center.

Citing technological innovation and R&D investment as a key enabler to ADNOC’s 2030 Smart Growth strategy to creating a more profitable upstream, a more valuable downstream, and a more sustainable and economic gas supply, Mr. Al Kayoumi underscored the importance of RDPETRO.

“RDPETRO is rooted in our collective, specific challenges, and focused on finding effective solutions from R&D and innovation in tech, in academia, in any industry – wherever they may come from providing they can show the value of their ideas.”

“This unique event will bring together the best and brightest minds, inside and outside our industry, to Abu Dhabi to offer new perspectives and tackle industry challenges by thinking differently and offer innovators access to end-users with the potential to tap into multi-million-dollar development funds,” he said.

Announcing the support of the DED, Tiago Hipolito, ADNOC’s Advisor for R&D Planning and Policies, added that this endorsement was invaluable for an event that is aiming to be different, disruptive and innovative.

“What we are trying to achieve here is a complete ecosystem, a platform to bring solutions designed to solving industry technical challenges from the brightest minds in academia to industry,” he said.

“As the world’s first “R&D co-funding” public event for the Oil and Gas industry enabling a multi-million-dollar fund to develop R&D Projects, we are looking to harness creative and entrepreneurial talent and reward cutting-edge innovation. For the government to support RDPETRO is a matter of great prestige for us,” he added.

Further Commenting from the Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi, Mr. Faisal Al Hmoudi, Director of the Innovation and Incubation, head of Takamul Program said “Partnering with RDPetro is a natural step for us. The Takamul program provides unique and dedicated support to the life-cycle of technological innovation, from ideas right through to application, by facilitating the creation, commercialization, as well as patent support and protection of the intellectual property with the aim to encourage and nurture more innovation star-ups in the UAE, to further support a sustainable knowledge-based economy.”

The roundtable panel also included three RDPETRO steering committee members; Khadija Al Daghar, ADNOC’s R&D Manager, Dr. Steve Griffiths, SVP of research at Khalifa University and also program co-chair of this year’s RDPETRO technical committee, and Professor Karl Rose, Senior Strategy advisor at ADNOC and RDPETRO Steering committee member.

For further information and to apply or register, visit www.rdpetro.org. Follow the event on social media at #rdpetro. 

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