Three female Emirati students at 42 Abu Dhabi coding school aspire to develop innovative solutions to contribute to Abu Dhabi’s sustainability goals.

42 Abu Dhabi is an innovative and disruptive coding school launched in 2020 as an initiative of the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), providing a unique peer-to-peer and gamified learning methodology.

Marking Emirati Women’s Day, Salma Alamoodi, Muna Alhadrami, and Alya Ali Ghanim told Khaleej Times how the youngsters in their 20s plan to use coding skills to help ensure a sustainable future.

App for sustainable living

Salma Alamoodi, a graduate of environmental science and sustainability, has always been passionate about learning new skills, especially coding.

“Technology plays a vital role in driving digital transformation and shaping our future. My family and friends also encouraged me to join 42 Abu Dhabi and delve into the world of coding as it unlocks endless career opportunities.”

Alamoodi noted that Abu Dhabi’s sustainability goals resonate with her personal values.

“By implementing what I’ve learned, I plan to develop programmes that support sustainability projects, such as intelligent energy management systems or waste reduction algorithms. A project that I’m passionate about is developing a mobile app that promotes sustainable living practices among residents, providing them with tools, tips, and community support to reduce their environmental footprint.”

After completing her journey at 42 Abu Dhabi, she wishes to go beyond developing software by creating solutions that make a difference and address real-world challenges.

“One of the projects, which I plan to start is the development of a platform that connects female volunteers with local community engagement opportunities, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. Additionally, I aim to be a role model for future generations, inspiring more Emirati women to pursue careers in the digital field.”

Boost resource efficiency

Muna Alhadrami has a background in chemical engineering, which has equipped her with a strong foundation in problem-solving and analytical skills. She sees coding as a “powerful tool” to complement her engineering knowledge.

“It allows me to apply computational solutions to complex problems in the field.”

At 42 Abu Dhabi, Alhadrami has mastered coding languages and techniques, expanded her skill set, and created new a solution to enhance local production.

“I’ve developed a platform to support productive local families, enabling them to sell and promote their products through the platform.”

Asked about her plans to support the emirates’ sustainability goals, Alhadrami underlined: “I aspire to contribute by using my coding skills to develop and optimise processes that reduce environmental impact and enhance resource efficiency in chemical industries, aligning with sustainability objectives.”

After 42 Abu Dhabi, she is looking at opportunities to combine her expertise in chemical engineering and coding, possibly in roles like process automation, data analytics in chemical processes, or even software development for chemical industries.

To Emirati women aspiring to enter the digital fields, Alhadrami noted: “Embrace the opportunities in technology. Your diverse background and experience across a range of sectors bring a unique perspective to digital solutions, making you valuable contributors to the industry's growth.”

Environmental awareness

Alya Ali Ghanim is a graduate with a major in security and networking, and her academic background laid the foundation for her interest in technology and digital fields. She sees coding as a way to create innovative solutions, contribute to advancements, and play a significant role in digital transformation.

At 42 Abu Dhabi, she completed a challenging coding project that required collaboration, problem-solving, and innovative thinking.

“This project not only showcased my technical skills but also highlighted my ability to work effectively within a team.”

Ghanim believes technology has the potential to shape the future, and she aims to create tech solutions.

“With my coding experience, I aim to contribute to the emirate's sustainability goals by developing technological solutions that optimise resource usage, enhance the energy efficiency, and promote environmental awareness. Technology can play a vital role in achieving sustainability targets, and I’m committed to being part of the efforts aimed at driving a sustainable future.”

After completing her course at 42 Abu Dhabi, Ghanim plans to explore opportunities in the fields related to cybersecurity, networking, or software development.

“These areas align with my educational background and interests, and I believe they offer vast opportunities to make a positive impact. I’m excited to contribute to real-world projects and continue learning.”

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