Ali Abdo is deeply passionate about the environment and has committed himself to raising awareness about climate change. The 39-year-old Emirati man is now on a mission to promote environmentally conscious transportation.

Ali is also a sustainability ambassador and environmental champion who holds a number of world records, including the 'world's longest journey on an electric motorcycle', which he completed in Egypt during his 'Ride to COP27' and 'the greatest distance on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours'.

The founder of Ride to 2030 is now aiming to rewrite one of his world records. Using his reliable electric motorbike, he is set to make a new world record for the greatest distance covered on an electric scooter in 24 hours.

"This year, my initiative kicks off with a compelling event aimed at highlighting the significance of embracing sustainable transportation," Ali said.

Journey launch pad

His mission from Dubai will serve as the launch pad for his journey to the 2024 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP29) in Baku, Azerbaijan. While undertaking the journey, he will cross the borders of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Ali will be travelling with an Emirati Terra scooter with a 4KW motor and a top speed of 100kph. He will recharge his scooter using any available power source during his 40-day trip and will carry extra batteries in emergencies. Ali will take breaks during his 24-hour journey but the clock will be ticking to break the record.

Beyond breaking records

Ali has his sights set on tangible climate action. "My ride has specific goals aimed at influencing climate action and the general promotion of sustainability in each country," he said, adding: "My other goals include policy advocacy, community empowerment, education initiatives and demonstration of electric vehicle viability.

Building connections with local communities is also an integral part of his journey. "My message is one of collective responsibility. By coming together, we can create change," he underscored.

"Connecting with communities is a central focus for me. So, I will outline plans for interactive events, partnerships, youth workshops and collaborative projects. Social media can also help facilitate virtual connections," he said.

Family man

Ali has two children — 12-year-old Omar and 10-year-old Jody and loves what their father does to secure a sustainable future for them and their friends.

Until a few months ago, Ali worked as a Social Responsibility Manager for IBM. Ali left his job to inspire more people to change for a sustainable future. He has now decided to focus entirely on his "The Ride to 2030" project.

He also has some ideas that envision continental journeys across Africa and Asia, focusing on advocacy for solutions that promote sustainability. He sees his initiatives as small steps that lead to a wider journey of sustainability across the world.

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