Humboldt penguin, vulnerable species rescued in UAE

Al Ain Zoo rescued two Humboldt eggs by putting them in the incubator


AL AIN- Al Ain Zoo continues its efforts in nurturing one of its most notable penguins, the famous Pingo, a Humboldt penguin listed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species due to poaching and habitat loss.

The story started in 2015, when Al Ain Zoo rescued two Humboldt eggs by putting them in the incubator after the parents rejected them, one of the new hatchlings was rather weak and couldn’t survive, the other fought on and was named Pingo, and in 2017 Al Ain zoo began its efforts to train him by merging him with other penguins in a separate exhibit.

Pingo’s public appearances did not stop there, and in 2019 Al Ain Zoo launched its Feeding the Penguins Experience, where guests can visit Pingo and his penguin friends behind the scenes and to feed them their favorite fish, in addition to that, Pingo was part of the Penguins Parade Experience, whereby guests got to interact closely with these charming animals as they walked about at birds exhibit area.

More recently in April 2021, Pingo and his wife Jamila were the centre of attention and source of much jubilation at Al Ain Zoo as they celebrated their first born. The new born penguin currently receives the necessary care and nurture to the highest veterinary and nutritional standards to ensure his health.

Al Ain Zoo continues to educate the community about these amazing birds, and guests can learn about them through direct stories from their caretakers who would answer all guests’ queries about the Humboldt Penguins, and offer presentation covering all aspects of their life and behaviour, highlighting Al Ain Zoo’s mission in nature conservation and wildlife protection.

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