As the regional vice president for the Middle East & Turkey at Dataiku, Sid Bhatia works strategically with C-suite executives at some of the best-known data-driven organizations in the region. He brings close to a decade and a half of sales leadership and management experience in the information management and analytics space, having worked with companies like IBM, Cloudera and Sybase (SAP), before joining Dataiku. With experience at organizations of different maturity levels—start-up, growth, established—and backed with a successful record of exceeding performance & budget goals by aligning field efforts with organizational objectives, Sid specializes in driving high performing teams that are helping organizations uncover their true potential through data as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science become core pillars underpinning their strategy, providing all stakeholders actionable insights to guide their decision-making process.


Show your work! Why explainable AI is crucial for sustainable adoption

So-called "black-box AI" can lead to bad decisions, with little post-mortem capability that would allow stakeholders to determine points of failure. To generate trust in such systems, we must expose the path between data and actionable information or indeed action itself, as is the case in fully automated architectures

01 Apr 2021  - Opinion