“Kambooz”, the newest educational interactive e-platform for teaching kids the Arabic language using fun and entertaining methods, is pleased to announce its long-anticipated launch in a press conference

in the presence of its founders Sherine El Ashram and Talia Abboud.

The creative educational entertainment platform is explicitly designed to spark a passion for the Arabic language among kids and enrich their linguistic abilities and critical thinking skills, all the while, bringing them back to nature.

Through their high-quality animations, Kambooz offers a unique and unparalleled learning and entertainment experiences. Accessible across multiple social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, and Anghami, this platform will inspire a love for Arabic and show them the magic in learning.

The content of the pioneering platform, “Kambooz,” is carefully tailored by innovative specialists in early childhood education, to support the development of young children and instill positive behaviors and values.  

Aiming to empower young children to feel proud and connected to their local culture, the platform also provides insights into Egyptian culture and traditions, featuring iconic  settings that will resonate with Egyptian families.

The animations also introduce young children to important concepts such as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals while encouraging effective communication, instilling a love for nature, and aiming to improve children’s mental and physical abilities.

Sherine El Ashram, the educator and the founder of Kambooz, shared her enthusiasm about the platform during the launching press conference, saying, “I am thrilled to launch 'Kambooz,' a result of five years of effort rooted in my family's inspiration. Our mission is to serve the children of our community and enhance their cultural identity, fostering a deep connection with the Arabic language. Our goal with the platform is to engage families with entertaining and educational content that makes life before school fun for children and aligns with our vision of creating high-quality educational content for young children. Believing in the importance of nature for child development, 'Kambooz' seeks to create quality educational materials that connect children to Egypt, instill a love for Arabic, and nurture critical and creative thinking abilities."

“I would also like to thank those in charge of the platform who worked tirelessly to push forward and launch the new platform “Kambooz” especially Mohammed Emad, Founder of Full Moon Studios, who participated in developing the platform’s 3D animation programs. Also, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the great musicians; Hashem ElSaify, EPIC 101 Studios and Karim ElZonfoly, and Sherif Asfour, Newav Studios.”  Al Ashram added.

Highlighting the importance of the “Kambooz” platform, Talia Aboud said: “The Arabic language is rich and full of aesthetics, but teaching it to children can be challenging for some. Hence, the significance of educational platforms dedicated to teaching Arabic to children in enjoyable and engaging ways comes to the forefront. From this perspective, we decided to launch the "Kambooz" platform to provide content specially designed for children to immerse them in the Arabic language and share Egyptian culture and heritage. We look forward to the "Kambooz" platform providing an added value to parents of young children, kindergartens, government bodies, and expatriates alike.”

"We know that 90% of a child's brain develops by the age of five. Therefore, every message, shape, color, and value presented in the lively animations are deliberately designed to capture the kids’ attention, promote positive behaviors and values, and guide and inspire the child's growth and love for the Arabic language. The 'Kambooz' platform is entirely based on life in Egypt; from the styles of homes to the appearance of characters, we want our audience and children to feel proud of their country. Furthermore, 'Kambooz' uses a mix of colloquial and classical Arabic in its entertaining and educational songs." She added.

The platform is set to officially launch to the public via social media at the end of February 2024.