09 October, 2016

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Gaston Browne: "Dubai's achievement is an inspiration for others"

Dubai, October 9, 2016,

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Gaston Browne: Dubai's achievement is an inspiration for others
Twin-island nation provides unique opportunities for investors from the UAE and MENA region

Dubai, October 9, 2016,

A delegate featuring Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Gaston Browne; Ambassador to the UAE, Antigua and Barbuda, E. Casory James; and Hollywood icon and special economic envoy for Antigua and Barbuda, Robert De Niro, headed a vibrant conference on investment and citizenship opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda – a country that has a long-standing relationship with the UAE – at Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel on October 9th.

The event began with a focus on the close connection between Antigua and Barbuda and the UAE. Commenting on the ties between the two countries, Dawood Shah, Senior Vice President of Callaloo Cay, said, “We are friends, and I dare say, we are family. It is here in this base that will continue to find common ground between our two nations and continue to the master the possibilities.”


E. Casroy James then spoke on the growth of the relationship between the UAE and Antigua and Barbuda, emphasising the similarities between the two nations and the abundant opportunities that await investors in the Middle East. He said, “The similarities are less obvious, yet with a discerning eye, are even more powerful and compelling than the differences. The UAE remains a hub for economic activity in the region and has been a magnet for attracting persons both near and far. In Antigua, we have played a similar role.”

“Both our countries tend to punch above their weight class in areas such as sports, financial services, technology, culture and politics. But it is in the spirit of the people where the greatest similarities exist,” he added.

Hon. Gaston Browne highlighted the country’s vision for partnership and progress, and its bustling tourism sector, saying “We now enjoy one of the most robust economies in the Caribbean and beyond. Antigua and Barbuda is a bacon in the Caribbean Sea, and we have firm commitments from world class investors to construct in excess of 5,000 rooms within the next five years. We feel that the UAE is fertile ground for investment, and as you seek to diversity your portfolio, [Antigua and Barbuda] is easily today one of the best tourism and investment destinations in the world.”

Antigua and Barbuda has one of the most developed infrastructures in the Caribbean and one of the most responsive governments worldwide; it also provides consistent economic growth and stability, and boasts a high level of safety and security.

Browne stated that the goal is to build relationships that are mutually beneficial, and that investment in the country will result in sustainable profits as well as the regeneration of the revenues of its people, improving their living standards. Similarly to Antigua and Barbuda, “the government in Dubai has done an extraordinary job [for its own citizens],” he said.

Interviewed by CEO and Founder of MAD Talks, Tariq Quereishy, on his venture into the business world and investing in Antigua and Barbuda, Robert De Niro said, “You have to really want to do and care about the projects you embark on, and I’m [working on] the one in Antigua and Barbuda because it’s a beautiful place. I take things step by step to get it done, and it’s just like making a movie – but even longer!”.

When asked about his views on the future of global citizenship, De Niro continued, “As the world gets smaller and smaller, people become even more dependent on each other, and there’s no choice but to be concerned about or own self preservation as people, wherever we’re from.”

The conference continued with talks by Director and Registrar General of the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS), HE Dwight Gardiner; Deputy CEO of CIP, Thomas Anthony; and CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism authority, Colin James, as well as a panel discussion led by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Charles Fernandez; President of Arton Capital, Armand Arton; President of IPS International, Kim Marsh; Ambassador to China, Antigua and Barbuda, Brian Stuart Young; and Consul General in Miami to Antigua and Barbuda, Gilbert Boustany.

Proactive in its bid to secure UAE investment, the twin island has opened the Antigua and Barbuda Embassy in Abu Dhabi – the first Caribbean full embassy in the UAE  – and has recently announced its intention to develop a trade and economic centre in Abu Dhabi. The planned centre will act as an investment and promotion arm in the UAE.

Located in the West Indies on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda are the largest English speaking isles of the Leeward Islands, and this tranquil island nation is shaping to be the next investment hub for Middle East investors.


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