DUBAI - Manuel Marrero, Prime Minister of Cuba, expressed Cuba's active engagement in strengthening ties with the United Arab Emirates across diverse sectors, including renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, and biotechnology.

"The UAE is a country with extensive experience and with which we have signed several agreements," Marrero said in statements to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) during his participation in the World Governments Summit (WGS).

The Cuban Prime Minister underscored the growing UAE-Cuba ties, which have "taken a more expeditious path since the visit of President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez in November last year."

He pointed out that his country benefits from the support of the UAE in developing various renewable energy projects, which aids Cuba in implementing its energy sector transition strategy.

In the agricultural sector, Marrero highlighted discussions between both countries regarding the possibility of UAE financing joint projects for food production in Cuba.

As part of the World Governments Summit, the Prime Minister also discussed Cuba's successful experiences in developing strategies for gender equality and combating climate change.

Marrero emphasised Cuba's significant strides in promoting gender equality, stating, "In Cuba today, there is a large participation of women in all economic and social spheres. Women are a majority among the country's workers, among university students, in parliament, and play a very important role in labour matters, where they have the same rights as men in terms of responsibilities and salaries."

Regarding climate change, Marrero highlighted Cuba's proactive approach through the 'Tarea Vida' project, which foresees a programme of progressive investments that will be executed in the short (year 2020), medium (2030), long (2050) and very long (2100) terms. It identifies climate impacts and implements action plans to mitigate risks and safeguard communities.

Marrero commended the UAE's organisation of summits like the WGS, considering them an excellent opportunity for global exchange on crucial governance, Internet, and artificial intelligence-related issues.