The Transport General Authority (TGA) said that 2,667,000 benefited from the unified e-contracts of car rental in 2022.

TGA said that the unified e-contracts of the car rental sector recorded this huge number of rental transaction through the unified electronic contracts after adopting the unified e-contracts and the mandatory implementation of the decision to limit the issuance of all the rental cars contracts to be only through Tajeer service in Naql e-platform at the beginning of 2022,

Riyadh has topped the list of the most regions carrying the biggest number of the total contracts which are registered in the sector, amounting to 891,000 contracts, followed by Makkah region with 639,000 contracts, then the Eastern region (Al-Sharqiyah) with 435,000 contracts. While 712,000 contracts were distributed in the rest of the Saudi regions.

TGA said that the total branches of rental car offices who worked with the unified e-contracts of car rental 2,891 offices of 794 establishments working in the rental cars sector in Saudi Arabia within 81 cities and governorates.

The total cars used in the sector reached 247,204 thousand cars, at an average daily contract exceeding 13,000 e-contract.

TGA said that the classification of contracts varied according to the time period, noting that the percentage of the daily contracts recorded 33%.

The contracts from two to five days recorded 43%, and the contracts of more than 5 days recorded 24%. The contracts of Saudis recorded 67% of the total contracts, and 33% for non-Saudis.

The unified e-contracts of car rental include various important advantages, most notably that the contract is documented and complete with legal requirements and clauses, as well as it contributes in preserving the rights between the parties of both the lessor and the lessee and reduces disputes.

It is also an important supporter in increasing the quality of the services and technical requirements in the used rental cars, in addition to that it contributes in improving the competitiveness of the rental sector through the clarity and ease of leasing procedures and operations.

TGA called the licensed establishments to benefit from the Tajeer service which is available in the Naql e-platform:


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