The Ministry of Education has set forth seven essential conditions for both male and female teachers seeking positions in adult education and literacy centers during the evening shift. Among the key requirements, priority will be given to teachers within the same educational district and teaching stage, and applicants must have received an excellent rating in the last two years.

In a bulletin directed to educational districts and schools, the Ministry emphasized that, once the assignment decision is issued, teachers may not leave or be exempted from their duties without the written approval of the Superintendent of Adult Education and Illiteracy Eradication. Exemptions will only be considered for circumstances deemed essential and in alignment with the interest of the work. Furthermore, teachers are obligated to participate in scheduled examinations throughout the school year, and apologies will not be permissible.

The bulletin also highlighted the importance of teachers dedicating their time to working in adult education centers during the evening period, stating that any violation of this condition may result in legal accountability. It explicitly stated that a teacher, male or female, cannot be assigned to work in more than one location simultaneously. The final decision in selecting teachers will be made by the Director of the Department and the Superintendent of Adult Education and Literacy Eradication, taking into account considerations in the interest of the work.

An educational source revealed that, following an increase in bonuses for those in adult education and literacy centers, there has been a surge in demand from Kuwaiti teachers for evening shifts. The Civil Service Commission approved a bonus of 15 dinars for a secondary teacher and 12 dinars for an intermediate teacher, with one dinar per session.

The source highlighted that Kuwaiti teachers hold priority, constituting approximately 80 percent of the workforce in these centers. However, there are specific specializations, such as science and English, where non-Kuwaiti teachers are utilized. The source noted that dozens of non-Kuwaiti teachers are currently on the waiting list across all educational regions.

Moreover, the Department of Coordination and Follow-up of Public Education is set to open the door for internal and external transfers of educational body members on the Ministry’s website at the end of this month. The registration for transfer requests will continue until March 30, 2024, covering positions like school principal, assistant school principal, technical supervisor, department head, technical supervisor, teacher, and science lecturer. Requests submitted after this date will not be accepted.

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