Official data from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) revealed that the number of unemployed Kuwaitis keeps on increasing annually, reports Al-Anba daily. This means it is crucial to address the main reasons behind the increase, which include the rise in the number of graduates, particularly in fields that are not in demand in the labor market. This is in addition to the lack of alignment between the needs of the labor market and the skills acquired in these specializations.

Other contributing factors are the lack of focus on the private sector and inadequate coordination among the concerned authorities. Unless there are significant changes to the quality of educational outputs; the number of graduates in unnecessary fields will continue to rise, while the demand for certain specializations remains unmet. Reliable sources informed the daily that the Central Statistics Bureau officially announced the data culled from the integrated system on the employment situation as of Nov 19, 2023. The number of unemployed Kuwaitis has reached 8,727, including 4,177 males (approximately 48 percent) and 4,550 females (approximately 52 percent).

Majority of the unemployed are young people — around 69.7 percent aged 20 to 29 years old and 77 percent of this group are males. As of June 30, 2022; a total of 8,318 Kuwaitis are unemployed, including 3,409 males (41 percent) and 4,909 females (59 percent).

In the corresponding period of 2021, the number of unemployed citizens reached 7,668 — 3,529 males (40 percent) and 4,139 females (54 percent). According to the data for 2024, around 14,000 registered citizens are waiting for job placement. This number is expected to increase to 30,000 by the end of the year once the CSC opens registration in June, September and December. It has become common for approximately 16,000 citizens, including those who graduated in the second and summer semesters, as well as those with extenuating circumstances preventing them from registering during the specified periods, to be in the waiting pool.

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