Web3 is indeed a relief for the people as its predecessor has a lot of limitations and drawbacks. Web 2.0 required newer modern-age technologies prompting the consumers to have them in order to view the sites when compared with traditional marketing and advertising techniques.

Low-speed internet connection was another issue that prevented people from accessing and surfing large and complicated websites. There is no doubt that Web3 is far ahead of Web 2.0 as it is completely built on decentralisation.

Additionally, compared to Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, Web3 also allows users to have complete control and authority over their content and the usage of the internet. These intrinsic features have resulted in the emergence of numerous Web3 start-ups. However, when it comes to knowledge and infrastructure, these start-ups need to have a one-stop solution that can address all the major concerns that they might be encountering.

Keeping this in mind, Shaikh has endeavoured to provide the world with a one-stop solution for all the start-up ideas that remain unexecuted due to a shortage of knowledge, medium and ideal infrastructure. D369 will be the world’s biggest and largest smart accelerator hub providing people with everything they need to become a part of the decentralised blockchain ecosystem.

This advanced-level hub will assist start-ups in multiple stages and phases — pre-seed stage, seed stage, early stage, growth stage, expansion phase, and exit phase. To provide convenience and make the entire process easy, it will contain six zones — consulting zone, innovation zone, creative zone, design zone, tech zone, and MarCom Zone especially formulated to execute the steps or processes that will be taken to support all start-ups namely.

D369, an accelerator for Web 3.0 and metaverse, will support projects of all genres in the Blockchain space, whether they are fintech start-ups, ed-tech start-ups or any other category/field and all other new upcoming business ideas. “Every industry has its problems. We are initiating a solution for all these problems to bring innovation to the world. Initiating a process for a smart accelerator hub like D369, we will conquer the answer to all forthcoming new challenges,” Shaikh said.

With Web 3.0 project ideas, the world will have a good foundation for turning more complex ideas/tasks into reality. People will learn new concepts related to blockchain and crypto, which could also prove useful for their careers. The D369 accelerator hub is scheduled to share the detailed structure and selection process soon and short-listing formats in the main launch. Interested start-ups can share their project details on entry@district369.org. Shaikh, through D369, envisions providing start-ups and enterprises with solutions and key answers for a change in the turning course of the internet. This is an initiative that will cater to all types of businesses and projects globally. Due to the drawbacks of Web 2.0, such as limitlessness, storage, the problem with authorisation, etc., D369 is turning out to be the next big thing for entrepreneurs and businessmen and Shaikh is starving hard to give it a major push.

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