The UAE has launched a project in partnership with the private sector to slash power and water consumption in public buildings, an official has said.

The project involves more than 400 federal government buildings in its first phase and it will be expanded to include more public buildings in the 7 emirates, said Sharif Al-Olama, Undersecretary of the Energy and Infrastructure Ministry for Energy Affairs.

Olama, quoted by the semi-official UAE daily Alittihad on Wednesday, said the project is being executed by the private sector and it includes reducing electricity consumption and water consumption by 20 percent and 30 percent respectively.

“This is part of a long-term strategy intended to rationalize power and water consumption in the UAE…this strategy for energy management and water security stretches until 2036 and is part of the 2050 national energy programme,” he said.

“Phase 1 of the projects covers at least 400 public buildings and there is a plan to extend the project to more federal buildings and to government building in each emirate as well as to farms, which face challenges regarding energy and water costs.”

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon)


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