SHARJAH - The Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) has completed several development projects in the Central Region during the first quarter of 2023, which included replacing overhead power lines with cables over a distance of 54.95 km at a cost of AED 25.95 million.

In addition, five projects were executed to illuminate roads, which involved the installation of 279 new lighting poles and the extension of cables over a distance of 18.64 km at a cost of AED 1.4 million.

Another project involved the modification of the power grid by extending cables over a distance of 12 km at a cost of AED 4.8 million.

According to Engineer Khalifa Mohammed Al Tunaiji, Director of the Central Region Department, the development projects carried out by the authority in the Central Region have contributed to improving services and achieving stability and reliability of power grids in residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and agricultural sectors.

He also noted that the SEWA is committed to continuously improving its services to customers by providing them with time-saving and effortless solutions, and utilising modern technologies in its operations to facilitate procedures and ensure customer satisfaction.