The International Road Federation (IRF Global) and MetaMeta, with funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), have developed the Green Roads Toolkit to enable sustainable planning, construction, and maintenance of green roads,

The project has been developed under ADB’s TA-6756 - Improving Infrastructure Sustainability Through Better Asset Management initiative, IRF said in a press statement.

IRF Global’s Chairman Emeritus, Abdullah Al- Mogbel, stated, "The Green Roads Toolkit represents a significant step forward in our mission to create safer, more sustainable road systems. This toolkit provides practical, actionable solutions to the environmental and social challenges of road infrastructure.”

IRF President & CEO, Patrick Sankey added that the toolkit offers practical options for green road development and guides sustainable planning, construction, and management.

He said it covers nine key areas, namely decarbonisation, climate resilience, water and land management, pollution reduction, quality of life improvement, ecosystem protection, disaster preparedness, responsible material sourcing, and fostering inclusive growth.

Michael Anyala, Senior Transport Specialist, Asian Development Bank, added: "This extensive resource offers vital guidance for engineers, planners, and policymakers in planning, designing, operating, and managing inclusive, low-carbon, and resilient road infrastructures."

The toolkit is available for download on the IRF website.

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