International design and wayfinding consultancy Maynard Group announced on Tuesday that it has acquired UK-headquartered Transport Design Consultancy (TDC) to create a multi-disciplinary design consultancy in the transport sector.

TDC is responsible for the wayfinding design of Dubai Metro, Dubai Marine transport, Riyadh Metro, and infrastructure projects worldwide which see a total over 3.5 billion passenger journeys a year, according to a press statement by Maynard.

The new Maynard Design Group will have a portfolio of more than 400 projects delivered in 17 countries over 20 years, the press statement noted. 

The statement said the merged entity will offer services in branding, wayfinding and product design for the transport, aviation, public realm, culture, education, healthcare, commercial and residential sectors in the UK and Europe, as well as the Middle East, India and Australasia.

In the UK, Maynard Design Group has been involved in London Bridge station and is currently a core part of the team behind UK's massive Crossrail project. The company has delivered wayfinding and product design across the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland Metro systems, and in the Middle East, it is working on various high-profile cultural projects.

TDC, the statement said, has worked on numerous projects over the last 20 years across 800 plus stations in the UK including St Pancras International, the UK’s primary international railway terminus serving 150,000 passengers per day. The firm’s international projects include Dubai Metro, Riyadh Metro, Bengaluru International Airport, and other projects in India, Singapore, China, Egypt and in the Middle East.

Riyadh Metro is the largest single transport infrastructure project in the world with all 84 stations under simultaneous construction.

Julian Maynard, Group Managing Director, said: “Acquiring TDC is a huge step towards our ambition of offering our expert and technical services globally. Our focus on the interaction of people, places and products together with our locations of the UK, Australia and New Zealand fits naturally together with TDC’s transport and wayfinding expertise and long-standing client relationships in the Middle East and Asia."

The combined projects of the Maynard Design Group serve over 3.5 billion annual passenger journeys, which make use of the wayfinding and supporting transport products designed by Maynard and TDC, the statement said.  

TDC's Tony Howard added: “Both firms have worked on some of the same projects over the last three decades and pioneered a collaborative, consultative and technically expert approach to the very complex practice of designing the way people will use transport systems and hubs. In this fast-changing world, where people are increasingly accessing global destinations, it seems only natural to combine forces and offer our clients greater strength and a greater depth of service."

(Writing by SA Kader; Editing by Anoop Menon)