• Tumodo's analysis of internal data highlights notable trends, with London becoming a prominent destination for business travellers from Dubai ranking among the top three most popular destinations among non-European countries.

Dubai, the UAE — Tumodo, a key player in the online business travel platform arena, unveils insights into the evolving dynamics of business travel within the MENA region, highlighting the growing importance of strategic routes between London and Dubai. Notably, the region witnessed a record-breaking 86.9 million international arrivals in 2023, reflecting a surge in travel demand.

Tumodo’s platform reflects this trend, with a significant 10% of all tickets sold in the past year catering to business traveller's needs. Interestingly, London is emerging as a top business destination for MENA travellers. This is further emphasised by the notable 2% of one-way tickets booked, suggesting flexibility in trip duration. Moreover, on average the cost of two-way trip between London and Dubai is £570.

The data also reveals a strong inclination towards business travel among UAE employees, with a staggering 64% intending to embark on business trips, reinforcing the significance of strategic travel routes like London and Dubai. According to Tumodo’s data, there’s a new rising trend called “bleisure”. It’s a concept that combines business trips with leisure activities, fostering a more enriching travel experience while remaining productive. According to Tumodo’s data, nearly 30% of Web Summit’s visitors this year extended their business trips to leisure. Moreover, internal statistics show that in the MENA region, 25% of IT professionals, 12% of finance and manufacturing professionals, and 75% of men engage in bleisure, with over half being under 35, particularly in marketing, sales, and IT development.

Tumodo recognises the evolving needs of today’s business travellers with its AI-powered travel management software. A recent survey found that 91% of business travellers would decline a trip that conflicts with their preferences, a challenge for dynamic trip planning. Tumodo rises to this challenge by offering flexibility and catering to unforeseen circumstances, instilling confidence in its ability to adapt to the needs of business travellers.

"Recognizing London and Dubai as leading business routes underscores our dedication to supporting the region's economic development through optimised travel management solutions," said Stan Klyuy, Chief Commercial Officer of Tumodo. "Our platform's adaptability to the dynamic needs of business travellers reinforces our leadership position in the industry, fostering innovation and sustainability."

Furthermore, John Mason International Movers has reported a 420% increase over the last five years in enquiries from British nationals wanting to relocate to the UAE, with a 45% surge in the past 12 months. Additionally, there has been a 50% year-on-year rise in online searches for ‘move to Dubai’ and ‘jobs in Dubai’ from the UK, highlighting the growing appeal of the UAE for business and emphasising the importance of the London-Dubai route.

Hilton's recent studies underscore the growing importance of business travel. In 2024, 46% of global workers plan business or 'bleisure' travel. The MENA business travel market, with its bright future fueled by economic growth, rising foreign investment, and the expansion of international business hubs, presents a promising opportunity for businesses.

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Tumodo, headquartered in the UAE, is an online business travel platform (B2B travel platform) that blends data science, modern design, and top-tier service to deliver businesses and their employees the ultimate business travel experience. The company's intuitive platform simplifies booking business trips, saving businesses an average of 35% of travel-related expenses.