• The new appointments within the organization are in line with company’s decision to solidify their market position regionally and globally

(Dubai, Sept 18, 2023) – UAE Based Zajel Courier Services has made a number of new appointments within the organization. The move comes as the company seeks to solidify their market position regionally and globally. The company has made eco-friendly logistics solutions as part of its ethos, in which it aims to provide seamless, reliable logistical solutions that connect people, businesses and communities around the world.

Launched in 2008, Zajel Courier Services is one of the fastest growing logistics and courier service companies in the UAE. With over a decade of experience, to date the company has delivered over 42 m shipments covering over 200 countries. In addition to domestic courier services and e-commerce, the company also provides air, sea and GCC road freight.

The newly appointed Al Kharabsheh comes with over a decade of experience, working with the world’s logistical giants in the UAE and abroad. Al Kharabsheh has comprehensive knowledge within the logistics and supply chain space, working closely with various courier businesses, in freight forwarding, project logistics and even warehouse solutions. He also has experience with launching start-ups within the industry, in addition to managerial and company reformations.

Al Kharabsheh holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Hashemite University one of Jordan’s top educational institutions. Upon graduating he moved from Jordan to Egypt in 2008, working as logistics manager, then headed to Dubai in 2010 to 2012 to continue his professional career as logistics lead. Al Kharabseh then headed to Kazakhstan in 2012 spending over 6 years there serving as country manager for leading logistics firm, overseeing all logistics operations from domestic to international.

In 2018 Al Kharabsheh moved back to the UAE holding senior positions in international logistics companies, as of 2023 he has been appointed as Zajels general manager bringing with him years of extensive experience in logistics.  “The logistics landscape has changed extensively in the last couple of years, especially during 2020 which has brought many challenges to the field. I believe that Zajel is one of the region’s most promising logistical providers and I only see upward growth for the company and its scope of operations which have worldwide outreach” added Al Kharabsheh.

The company is undergoing a major internal transformation within its organization to further improve and streamline its B2C and B2B services regionally and internationally. In addition to investing in innovative technologies within its organization to maximize efficiency as the country’s leading logistics provider, with customer satisfaction at the core of its services.

For More Information: https://zajel.com