“UAE Innovation Month reflects the country’s steadfast dedication to solidifying its position as a leading advanced nation. The UAE remains dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation within organisations and communities, recognising its pivotal role in driving growth and progress across diverse sectors.

Today, the UAE is at the forefront of innovation across various sectors, including operations and legislation, recognising the vital role of innovation in shaping legislation that can adapt to fast-paced changes. Actively forging ahead, the UAE is developing a robust, future-oriented regulatory and legal framework that enables and supports the achievement of the ambitious national visions and strategies.

We, at the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC), are keen on our annual participation in the UAE Innovation Month, marked by holding a series of events and workshops. We believe in the significance of integrating innovative methodologies into the work system, therefore, we focus on activities that highlight the growing role of innovation in the legislative field and methods of leveraging it in drafting legislation.

On this occasion, the SLC reaffirms its commitment to furthering the integration of innovation into all facets of legislative work. We, at the SLC, believe that innovation is a crucial tool that supports the UAE legislator and serves as a stepping stone in our nation’s endeavours to fortify its leading role in advancing progress and shaping the future. By expanding the scope of adopting innovation in various aspects of legislation-making process, the SLC aims to solidify the UAE’s position as an incubator of excellence and a hub for creative minds.”

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