Dubai, UAE – ProvenMed, a fast-growing medical devices company, announced today its strategic appointment of Dr. Amine Rabehi as its Chief Technical Officer (CTO). This decision comes as the company accelerates its efforts to elevate its technological offerings in the medical device sector.

Dr. Rabehi brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise. With 8 years under his belt, leading innovative projects from inception to fruition, his appointment to ProvenMed signals the company's commitment to driving innovation and reinforcing its stature as a MedTech leader in the region.

His impressive track record boasts of dynamic roles, including managing and leading a spectrum of product development ventures in medical devices, instruments, and sensors. Notably, he supervised an R&D program that encompassed 12 diverse products over a span of two years. With his multidisciplinary knowledge and project management skills, Dr. Rabehi has consistently showcased his prowess in delivering high-quality results.

Raised in an environment that underscored the importance of accurate information and education, Dr. Rabehi believes in the transformative power of providing the right knowledge. This ethos aligns seamlessly with ProvenMed's vision of advancing medical technology to create significant, positive change.

CEO of ProvenMed, Amine Staali, expressed his enthusiasm about the new addition, stating, “Dr. Rabehi embodies the principle that knowledge isn't just power, but a catalyst for profound change. His conviction in the transformative nature of accurate information resonates deeply with our core mission at ProvenMed. As we venture forward, his insights and experience will be instrumental in shaping a future where medical innovation meets purpose-driven education."

Dr. Rabehi, reflecting on his new role, shared, "As a son of medical professionals, I’ve always been driven by the mission to harness technology and knowledge for the betterment of healthcare. At ProvenMed, I see an opportunity to amplify this mission, leveraging my experience to create MedTech solutions that truly make a difference.".

ProvenMed's strategic move to bring Dr. Rabehi on board underscores its vision for the future – one where medical technology is not just about devices but about transformative solutions that reshape the health landscape.

About ProvenMed
ProvenMed is a medical device innovation company that is revolutionizing the urinary incontinence care industry with its patented solutions, ActivGo® for men and the Comfii™ system for women. These innovative solutions are the first urinary incontinence wearable devices of their kind, developed entirely from the patient's perspective. This approach ensures that they provide a comfortable, hygienic, and easy solution to help patients resume active lifestyles and regain confidence. ProvenMed is committed to innovating medical devices through compassionate empathy, empowering individuals, and improving their quality of life.

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