Dubai –Vistage, a leading global provider of executive coaching services, is delighted to share a notable achievement in its international expansion journey with the inauguration of a new group in Dubai. This extension reinforces Vistage's dedication to cultivating leadership excellence in the Middle East, highlighting the organization's worldwide influence, boasting a community of 45,000 members spanning across 35 countries.

Nathan Farrugia, instrumental in propelling Vistage's expansion in the Middle East, has been pivotal in solidifying the organization's foothold in the region. With the successful inception of two CEO groups in Dubai in 2022, building on achievements in Malta, Farrugia's leadership and strategic foresight have been crucial factors in driving this sustained development.

Building on the momentum of growth, Vistage is excited to present John Nolan, a highly respected leader with more than three decades of experience, who will lead the newly established fourth group in Dubai. With a membership of 12 CEOs and business owners, Nolan’s extensive leadership skills and expertise are poised to significantly enrich the dynamics of the group.

Exploring the intricate business environment of the Middle East has been an exhilarating journey for Vistage. Launching our newest leadership group in Dubai signifies more than just a significant milestone; it reaffirms our commitment to fostering exceptional leadership in this dynamic region. The successes we've achieved in Dubai and Malta in the past serve as a source of confidence, and I am convinced that with John Nolan leading the way, this new group will flourish, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Vistage's global network," stated Nathan Farrugia, Managing Director of Vistage.

With a robust community of 45,000 members across 35 countries, Vistage is renowned for providing unparalleled executive coaching and mentorship, featuring:

  • Personalized Executive Coaching: Led by seasoned leaders like Simon Lewis.
  • Expansive Global Network: Connecting leaders in diverse industries and cultures.
  • Advanced Learning Resources: Exclusive access to innovative business tools and strategies.

Members of Vistage are known to consistently outperform their peers, emphasising the effectiveness of the organization's coaching approach.

The establishment of the new group in Dubai, under the leadership of John Nolan, reflects Vistage's ongoing commitment to expanding its footprint in the Middle East. With plans for additional groups in the future, Vistage aims to become a pivotal force in shaping business leadership in the region.

Vistage extends an invitation to CEOs and business executives eager to elevate their leadership journey. Membership in Vistage offers access to a global network of experienced leaders and a wealth of resources essential for success in today's competitive landscape.

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