Dubai, UAE – History was written at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo as Faisal Al Mosawi, the celebrated Guinness World Record holder, shattered expectations and set a new benchmark for adaptive sports. In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Faisal completed the fastest dive using an underwater wheelchair, clocking an astonishing time of 37 minutes and securing yet another spot in the sporting records.

Faisal Al Mosawi, whose indomitable spirit has inspired millions around the world, expressed his joy and gratitude following the record-breaking feat, saying: "Today's achievement is a testament to the power of perseverance and the limitless potential of the human spirit. I am immensely proud, once again, to demonstrate the capabilities of adaptive sports. This record is not just mine; it belongs to every individual who refuses to be defined by limitations."

Faisal expressed his gratitude for his family members, for their unwavering support, and for his team who helped him in the training and preparations phase. Al Mosawi has also thanked all sponsors and supporters starting with Dubai Sports Council and Dubai Aquarium as the host, in addition to FlyDubai, Al Faisal Universal Center, Atyab Al Marshoud, Al Farsi Group, Mishmash, Farmland, Blue Planet, Progeo, CMS Creative Media Solutions, and You Lens Studio. Faisal particularly thanked OMNES Influencers, the region’s leading influencers marketing platform, organizers of the event, and his agent in the region and the world, for making this event a huge success.

The preparation period for this achievement took four months, which Faisal spent in continuous and intense training in physical fitness, swimming, and diving, with great enthusiasm and endless determination, which was crowned with success.

The event, which was attended by large number of  visitors to the Dubai Mall, was dominated by an enthusiastic atmosphere from the first moment the stopwatch started until Faisal crossed the 400-meter distance inside the Dubai Aquarium, which he covered in eight rounds back and forth amidst the wonderful marine environment that boasts different species of fish and other living organisms.

The record-breaking dive does not only showcase Faisal's extraordinary talent but also highlights Dubai's commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in all aspect including sports. By providing a platform for individuals of diverse abilities to showcase their skills, Dubai continues to set new standards for inclusive excellence for all on the global stage.

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