Dubai, UAE - InfoFort, the leading information management solution provider, today announced finalizing the integration of blockchain technology into its flagship Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, enVision, making it the first well-known ECM solution in the Middle East and Africa to leverage the power of a blockchain protocol. This implementation will help InfoFort serve its customers in a more secure, efficient and reliable way through improved content services that are decentralized and have a higher degree of immutability and transparency.

InfoFort will be using blockchain technology for its proof of authenticity, proof of process and smart contract functionalities, state-of-the-art processes that will benefit all of InfoFort’s current and future ECM users. Through the integration with open source blockchain platforms such as MultiChain and HyperLedger, InfoFort’s customers will soon be able to reap all the content management benefits that blockchain offers while enVision serving as the gateway for InfoFort’s clients into the world of blockchain.

Through what is referred to as proof of process, the execution of any business process will become independently verifiable. A chain of all business transactions, along with all relevant execution details, will be registered on the blockchain, effectively making an audit trail accurate and fully tamper-proof.

Moreover, through smart contracts, business agreements between parties will be converted into  computer codes that are stored on the blockchain and can execute themselves based on predefined sets of rules. Through this, business transactions will be automated without the need for the involvement of a third party to control transactions and solve possible disputes.

Abed Shaheen, CEO of InfoFort, commented “We are merely at the beginning of this exciting journey and are still exploring the potential application opportunities for blockchain technology. Future applications for this ground-breaking technology are vast and multiplying. What we are certain of, though, is that the rapidly evolving field of cryptographic decentralized ledgers is one that our customers can draw several immediate benefits from. We are proud to introduce and utilize blockchain in our highly capable ECM platform, allowing us to enhance our content services to an even greater extent.”

InfoFort began its operations in the UAE in 1997 and today is the leading Information Management Solution provider assisting more than 2,000 organizations in 25 cities in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

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About InfoFort:
Established in 1997, InfoFort is an Information Management Solution provider assisting more than 2,000 organizations in 25 cities across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Experts in securing and managing their clients’ information assets, InfoFort offers both physical (secure storage, management) and digital solutions (digital transformation, software solutions to manage, analyze & visualize digital data, cloud backups), as well automating business processes. InfoFort was recognized by Gartner in their "Cool Vendors in Emerging Market 2016".

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