H E Eng Abdullah bin Mohammad Al Muwaiji, Chairman of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), affirmed the Ajman Chamber’s adoption and commitment to the guiding principles of the Ajman Vision and its embodiment within all of the Ajman Chamber’s activities, so that the principles represent a major reference for modernizing services and projects and launching innovative qualitative initiatives to ensure the sustainability of the business community and in line with the emirate’s directions, praising the diversity of government support tools for all entities and identifying the main features of development plans at the emirate level.

Al Muwaiji stated that the Ajman Chamber has begun to practically integrate and embody the principles with the Ajman Chamber’s development plan for the next stage, so that the Ajman’s guiding principles are “sustainability, everyone has an opportunity, society is the focus of our attention, institutional flexibility and agility, readiness for the future, accountability, cooperation, and the spirit of union.”

He added, "The acceleration of the growth rates of the local economy in Ajman and the increasing volume of investments, as well as the growth in the number of Ajman Chamber memberships, which reached 33,100 memberships until the third quarter of this year, make it necessary for the Ajman Chamber to be flexible and adapt to the needs and requirements of the business community in Ajman, and to harness modern technologies and innovative solutions in developing. its services and enhancing its proactiveness in line with the directions of the vision of Ajman.”

Al Muwaiji stressed that the Ajman Chamber renews its firm commitment to promoting sustainable development and achieving the vision and directions of Ajman to achieve quality of life and community happiness. The Ajman Chamber also affirms its commitment to stimulating innovation and contributing to improving the Ajman’s position as a leading investment destination in the UAE and the region, especially in light of the diversity of opportunities available in all “industrial” sectors. Services, tourism, health, educational and others.

He also referred to the necessity of intensifying cooperation and strengthening partnerships with all local government agencies to ensure the achievement of the guidelines of the Ajman Vision.