Amman-  The largest international software development conference in the MENA region has been announced today in its second coming.

Building on the first iteration, the Xpand Conference 2022 version will be held in October at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center in the Dead Sea.

The exciting event will showcase a myriad of software-related topics such.

The 2-day event, which will be held on October 22 and 23 will feature 30 speakers and  40 talks covering topics such as Software architecture, Managing humans, Microservices, Machine learning / AI, User interface design, Product management, and Venture capital & startups, that are of much interest to benefit intermediate, managerial, and executive technical professionals that include developers, technical product managers, team leads, engineering managers, and CTOs be it in well-established enterprises and startups.

The event is expected to attract a diverse audience of more than 1000 attendees from all walks of the software sphere across the Middle East which constitutes a networking opportunity that cannot be matched or surpassed.

The Xpand Conference, described as a catalyst for technology growth in this part of the world, will serve stakeholders across all industries who are impacted by technological advancements that go hand in hand with the wave of digitization. Aiming at empowering and advancing the highly-valuable community of software developers, entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, educators, corporates, and banks will be aided to realize their full potential and build global products out of the Middle East.

The highly anticipated Xpand Conference will introduce experienced software professionals to the latest concepts and methodologies needed to stay on top of the constantly evolving landscape of software development and equip them with the practical skills needed to build and lead high-performing tech teams.

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