Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi organised a hybrid conference titled "What Regulation for Artificial Intelligence” where industry experts, academics, researchers from Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi as well as other universities took part. The conference included a talk by Mr Paul Nemitz, the principal advisor to the European Commission, and a talk by Ms Manel Ben Said, senior associate at Al Tamimi & Company. The conference concluded with a talk by Sumaya Al Hajeri, AI expert.

The conference is based on a 3-year project that aims to highlight the need for the regulation of artificial intelligence systems and looks at the proposals for a regulation drawn up by the European Commission.

During the conference, academics and researchers discussed research findings and addressed the application of AI regulations in different sectors such as health, transportation and mobility, art, banking and finance, justice, sovereignty, and labor sector.

In addition, a critical risk assessment was conducted on the artificial intelligence regulations proposed by the European Commission and its applications for each sector. A comparison between the European commission AI legal framework and other foreign proposed AI legislations were also discussed.

“This conference comes in line with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi’s continuous efforts to providing world-class research and solutions to the evolving global challenges, and it engages subject matter experts from all over the world. The conference aims to tackles means of regulating AI and examine all challenges and consequences given the rapid growth and use of artificial intelligence” mentioned Prof Nathalie Braz, Full Professor of Private Law.