Dubai, UAE: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)’s initiatives and programmes, which aim to develop and facilitate access to all its services through digital channels, are highly appreciated by customers, partners and all stakeholders. The stakeholders praise DEWA’s continuous keenness to enrich their experiences and provide instant and innovative value-added services that enhance their happiness and participation in achieving the sustainable development, in addition to enabling them to complete all their transactions easily and securely, anytime, anywhere.

DEWA’s launch of the revamped version of its smart app was widely praised by customers, project builders, suppliers and students. Users noted the numerous and advanced features provided by the application, which provides them with an enhanced and easy login experience. They noted that the user interface design aligns with international best practices and ensures easy access by various stakeholders.

“In the revamped version of the app, I was impressed by the smarter and easier navigation system, which enabled me to move smoothly between the user interfaces of each category. The re-designed user profile also enables more flexibility in managing my personal and account data,” said Hani Arab. Arab praised DEWA’s investing in ChatGPT to enrich its services and its keenness to stay proactive in using the latest technologies to promote stakeholder happiness.

Elie George Asmar described DEWA’s smart app as an innovative and modern application that considers the needs of all stakeholders. The smart app enables project builders to submit and track their orders. It provides comprehensive services to suppliers, such as purchase orders and auctions. Through the app, students can apply for DEWA scholarship programmes, internships and training opportunities, as well as general information about DEWA Academy. Asmar said that he can use the app to pay DEWA’s bills comfortably and safely with a single click, through various and convenient payment methods, including Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

“DEWA’s smart app provides a comprehensive and wide range of services, in addition to information about DEWA’s services. It also helps users monitor their electricity and water consumption, enhance consumption efficiency, and reduce waste. Personally, I use my Smart Living dashboard to see bills and consumption details on an annual, monthly and daily basis, with the ability to compare my consumption with similar homes, in addition to benefiting from exclusive offers available on DEWA store,” said Iman Abdelrehim Elwakil.

 “The user can notice the positive results of DEWA’s use of AI and developed search systems in improving its smart app, as we see more diverse search results. The availability of the application on the iOS, Android and Huawei platforms allows all members of society to benefit from it,” noted Tamer Salah Said Abdelkheer Said.

“I can charge my electric vehicle very easily through DEWA’s smart app. I only need to scan the QR Code on DEWA’s green charger stations that are available in various locations in Dubai. The app also contributes to saving my time and effort by enabling me to benefit from the green charger services for EVs and to manage my account easily and safely,” said Zeinab Hafez Elhosiny.


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