Yalla Card & Super App have acquired more than 1 Million users in less than 8 months from launch which is an unprecedented achievement in Egypt & the Middle East in both the fintech and the financial services domains.

Although this achievement has never been seen before, but it didn’t come as a surprise given the uniqueness of the offering of Yalla Card & Super App in February 2022 with the embedded financial & non-financial features within the Yalla Ecosystem.

Yalla Card, which enables users to pay online & in all stores across Egypt and the world, can be easily requested through the Super App or obtained from Egypt Post Office branches. For PaySky’s Yalla Card & Super App - in partnership with Visa & ENPO - reaching this milestone in such a record time shows how much the market has been waiting for Yalla’s complete digital financial solutions where it has truly changed how people address their financial & non-financial needs, and that it is become the new method to complete daily errands in an easy and secure way considering over 1.5M transactions have been made through Yalla Super App with value exceeding 2 Billion Egyptian Pounds.

Waleed Sadek, PaySky’s Founder & CEO, has expressed how proud he is of this achievement and said: “This is a grand success for Yalla Card & Super App and everyone behind it. We were confident in our Super App and its features yet we did not expect this huge achievement in such a short time, let alone a record one. We continue to advance our solution and listen to our customers and are currently preparing a lot to better serve them and make lives easier and at the same time work in line with the state’s efforts in promoting digital transformation and financial inclusion.”

He added that Yalla Super App has shown significant onboarding pace across Egypt’s governorates especially Cairo which adds up to 30% of Yalla users, followed by Alexandria, Mansoura and Assiout, and that the two most popular features on Yalla Super App are “Yalla Money” which enables users to send & receive money for individuals and merchants, and “Yalla Bills” which eases payment of bills like internet, electricity, mobile, gas, university & school tuition fees as well as government services & traffic fines.

It is worth mentioning that Yalla Super App offers various payment features like bills payment & online shopping, as well as services for businesses & merchants like payment acceptance, online store building, salary payouts through Yalla Card and suppliers payment through the Merchants Super App.

The company recently announced its expansion in several countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others within their expansion strategy.