The recent release of the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2021 results by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) brings forth a remarkable achievement for the Shining Star International School (SSIS). Participating with over 10,000 Grade 4 students from Abu Dhabi, SSIS stands out with a striking 92-point growth compared to the 2016 assessment.

This significant progress has propelled SSIS's international benchmark achievement level from Low to Intermediate, signifying a testament to the school’s commitment to promoting literacy excellence. It is indeed a remarkable feat that highlights the effective teaching methodologies, and student-teacher engagement.

The PIRLS 2021 Mean Score report further validates the school's commitment to raising the bar of educational standards:

  • Shining Star International School (SSIS): 540
  • Private Schools in Abu Dhabi: 483
  • All UAE Schools: 460

Principal Abhilasha states: "Our purpose as educators is to facilitate a nurturing environment where every student can reach their full potential. I am incredibly proud of our Shining Star students and teachers for the level of progress we have made in the PIRLS results. Everyone's focus and dedication to improving student outcomes in all areas of academics is starting to show in our results."

This exceptional performance not only places SSIS firmly at the forefront among private schools within the city, but also significantly ahead of the all-schools average within the UAE. With these remarkable results, SSIS solidifies its place as a leader in fostering academic excellence.

Deepika Pathak, English Head of Department, added: “We are immensely proud of our students' unwavering commitment to improving their literacy levels. Their passion for learning makes every teaching day worthwhile. This achievement in the PIRLS results is a testament to their hard work and growth, and it reinforces our belief in the power of education to transform lives.”

Speaking to the SSIS parents, Anitha, parent of a Grade 4 student, stated “The remarkable improvement in results like these reaffirms our confidence in choosing Shining Star as the best educational institution for our children. The school's unwavering focus on enhancing academic standards, as well as providing numerous opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom, has made a significant impact on our children's development. As proud parents, we commend the entire team at Shining Star for their dedication and hard work. Keep up the excellent work!”

Shining Star International School remains committed to ensuring the overall development of students, equipping them with the necessary competencies for their future endeavours. These results underline that commitment and the success of its approach to teaching. SSIS's ongoing investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, and progressive syllabi undoubtedly lay the foundation for further success.

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