United Arab Emirates, Dubai: The University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai (UE Dubai) is gearing up for its highly anticipated launch in 2024. In preparation, the university is delighted to unveil its distinguished faculty members, who will play integral roles in shaping the academic landscape and driving innovation in education and technology.

Bringing a wealth of global academic leadership to the institution, Professor. Dr. Maurits Van Rooijen serves as the President of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Germany and is the founding President of its Dubai branch. With a distinguished academic career spanning over 40 years, Professor van Rooijen serves also as the Board Chair for IBAT College in Dublin, and served leadership roles at IC University in Amsterdam, London College for Contemporary Music and London School for Business and Finance. His journey spans visiting professorships at Cambridge University and the University of Pennsylvania. In the late 1980s, transitioning to administration, he assumed key leadership roles in multiple countries, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia, overseeing various institutions.

His visionary leadership experience spans both state-funded and private non-profit institutions, covering a diverse range of higher education establishments. This includes renowned research-intensive universities like Leiden University, as well as professional education-focused institutions such as the University of Westminster in London and the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Germany. Notably, Professor van Rooijen served as the CEO and Rector Magnificus of Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands, known for its corporate funding and exceptional reputation. Recognized globally, he has received prestigious awards such as the Constance Meldrum prize for Vision and Leadership from the European Association for International Education (EAIE). A passionate advocate for educational innovation, his work emphasizes socio-economic impact, globalization, industry engagement, widening participation, experiential learning, digitalization, and entrepreneurial education. Professor van Rooijen earned his academic degrees from University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands where he started his career and earned acclaim for pioneering work in sustainable urbanization.

As the Dean of Art & Design at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences’ Innovation Hub in Potsdam, Professor Johannes Kiessler brings a wealth of experience in orchestrating design management and strategic marketing. Serving as the Program Director for the M.A. Innovation Design Management, his professional journey encompasses consultancy in design management, implementation, and strategic marketing for various companies. He serves as Academic Director for Campus Development and Corporate Partnerships and is also the founder of Eckhardt & Kiessler, a design firm based in Milan and Berlin. Professor Kiessler is a dedicated lecturer and educator, covering key areas such as innovation and ideation methodologies, project management, entrepreneurship, branding and design management. Holding a Master’s degree in business marketing from Freie Universität Berlin and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in Europe, his work has garnered recognition through prestigious awards, including the Reddot Award, Good Design Award, and ID Annual Design Review.

A visionary in enterprise systems, Professor Dr. Eman AbuKhousa serves as a professor of Data Science at University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai with an unwavering passion for shaping the future of digitalization and BIG data analytics. In addition to her academic role, Dr. AbuKhousa has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and business owner. She seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with personal insights, a unique approach held at UE Dubai that enriches the student learning experience. Prior to her tenure at UE Dubai, Dr. AbuKhousa held the position of Assistant Professor at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Al Ain, playing a pivotal role in shaping the intersection of education and technology. Her commitment to knowledge advancement is evident in her co-founding role at Anchor IT Consultancy in Dubai.

Dr. AbuKhousa's entrepreneurial spirit shines through her contributions to digital systems across organizations in the Middle East, introducing the innovative Metaverse platform, MiLex. Her diverse career spans Modul University, UAE University, and key roles at organizations such as Tawam Hospital and Glory Horizons Trading Co LLC in Dubai, along with the Sheikh Mohammed IT Educational Project. Reflecting her dedication to education and technology, her Ph.D thesis showcases ground-breaking research on data-driven strategies for education.

Professor Dahlia Mahmoud joins the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai as Professor of Visual and Experience Design. A cultural and creative industry expert, higher education strategist, and transformative leader, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the academic community. Formerly the Associate Professor and Dean at The American University in the Emirates, she orchestrated enhancements in creative programs. In her role as Associate Professor and Acting Dean at European International College, she worked extensively in reframing cultural tourism's role in the creative sector.

Professor Mahmoud’s diverse career spans academia, creative consulting, and pivotal roles in advertising firms. She led ground-breaking initiatives with governmental entities, including the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and Youth in UAE. An active participant in international conferences and exhibits, her research covers design education, cultural preservation, and entrepreneurship. Professor Mahmoud's work has earned numerous accolades, including federal recognition for exceptional innovation management. She steadfastly advocates for education and creative practices, actively empowering women throughout her influential career.

Both Professor Dr. Eman AbuKhousa and Professor Dahlia Mahmoud have been recognised by the German Ministry of Education, becoming the inaugural recipients of the German professorial titles in the UAE.

As UE Dubai marks its official opening in 2024, it assembles a dynamic team of seasoned professionals bringing extensive experience from both academia and the business world. UE Dubai’s faculty members bring a wealth of practical insights to their students, blending hands-on experience with indispensable theoretical knowledge tailored for today's competitive job market. Additionally, the unique fusion of UAE-Germany intercultural connections promises an enriching university experience, fostering cross-cultural exchanges that not only broaden perspectives but also offer students exciting networking opportunities.

Applications are now open for UE Dubai, for more information, please visit  https://www.ue-germany.com/about-us/locations/dubai 


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About the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) and the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai (UE Dubai)

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is a highly accredited German private university committed to academic excellence and global learning opportunities. With over 20 years of experience, UE offers a range of Bachelor's, Master's, dual Bachelor's, and MBA degree programmes in business, technology, data, sports, psychology and design. Currently, UE operates four campuses in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn and Potsdam). UE serves more than 4,600 students, preparing them for success in today’s job market. UE was recently awarded the German Education Award 2023/2024, presented by the German Institute for Service Quality.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai (UE Dubai), the first German university to establish a campus in UAE, will welcome its students in April 2024. Strategically located in Dubai’s World Trade Centre and forming strong partnerships with international companies, UE Dubai offers a wide range of Bachelors and Master’s  programmes, including the UAE’s first-ever Master of Arts in Visual and Experience Design. Committed to offering the highest standards in higher education, UE Dubai provides exceptional learning opportunities and valuable connections to its students.

For more information please visit: www.ue-germany.com/about-us/locations/dubai