Technostacks, the leading web and mobile application development company, launched a telemedicine application for doctor-patient communication. The telemedicine app is introduced to enable healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and patients.

Telemedicine solutions leverage the newest technology to improve and coordinate patient care with the maturing healthcare industry and increased medical domain challenges globally.

Mobile health applications assist doctors and healthcare stakeholders with well-organized patient profiles, help with quick online payments, simplify doctor-patient in-app communication and sustain medical history.

"Observing the need and demand of the medical applications, we have developed a Doctor-Patient Communication app with a telemedicine platform for doctors and advantageous to both patients and healthcare professionals," said Hanshal Shah, CEO and Managing Director of Technostacks.

As one of the consistent app development companies, Technostacks has given proven facts that can be beneficial to your business to mature swiftly:

  • Compliance is substantial in industry-specific applications like HIPPA compliant guidelines we followed in our Telemedicine Application for the medical industry.
  • A mobile application for the healthcare field must enclose the patient's medical history that can be easily checked, edited, shared, and tracked from any place.
  • The connectivity with the pharmacy and insurance enablement is needed for today's best healthcare apps.
  • When medical professionals are intermingling, patient safety is vital. The absence of critical insights, misapprehension of information, and ignored updates in status can be dicey. So, we have covered Doctor-patient In-App Communication with user networking and easy sharing of the patient location.
  • Data on patient allergies, health history, current consulting status, scheduling insights, and the terms & consent section are correspondingly noteworthy.

Why do Technostacks teams is chosen over other healthcare app development companies?

  • Medical apps for doctors and patients must be faultless. Our clients consider our application a ground-breaking and superior-grade app.
  • The Technostacks team is proficient and efficient. So, clients rely upon the services and assurances given to them.
  • Technostacks develops applications in a mutually decided budget with the customer so that they get the most acceptable pricing package.
  • Technostacks keeps consistency in each stage of the app development projects and follows the guiding values of application development in the medical industry.

About Technostacks

Technostacks is a trusted mobile app development company which has successfully carved its niche within a few years of its origination.

It has the main headquarter in the India and other branches in the USA and the UK.

The company is dynamically delivering all-inclusive IT solutions for a varied clientele worldwide. Its specialized team has a comprehensive acquaintance of the latest technologies and tools and has fruitfully provided software solutions that have assisted enterprise businesses, customers, and industry professionals.

The company offers mobile applications at affordable pricing and enables timely project deliveries to make sure customer fulfillment.

Apart from the mobile app for the healthcare industry, Technostacks has a wide range of different technology services and solutions to provide to its clients. Some leading technologies are AR & VR solutions, Blockchain development, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, DevOps, and Cloud solutions.

Contact Information:
Hansal Shah (CEO, Technostacks Pvt. Ltd.)
Technostacks Infotech Pvt. Ltd