Dubai, UAE: NutriCal, the GCC's leading innovator in nutrition technology, is proud to announce its relaunch with an enhanced user interface and a suite of innovative features.Female founded and run NutriCal leverages cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze nutrition, calorie count, and allergens instantly. By harnessing the power of data science, the platform revolutionized how businesses in the food industry understand and communicate data about their products, with a primary focus on food safety and transparency.

The brand revamp marks a significant milestone in the food industry landscape, introducing an accessible and user-friendly interface with an expanded database of ingredients  encompassing over 40,000 ingredients. NutriCal equips food businesses with the capability to generate nutritional fact labels adhering to FDA guidelines in both English and Arabic. These labels include 'macros' in the menu and a detailed breakdown of each recipe, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across the food & beverage and HORECA space.

Having played a pivotal role in aiding F&B brands and outlets such as Tasha’s, Bliss Bites, Yaumi, IHG, Accor Group, and many more to comply with the 2019 Saudi FDA food labeling law, NutriCal is renowned for empowering businesses with compliance and accuracy. The demand for NutriCal's platform is fueled by stringent food safety and labeling laws. Just as in KSA, the UAE's Federal food safety laws emphasize food safety and accurate labeling. This regulatory environment underscores the importance of solutions like NutriCal.

With the increasing consumer consciousness regarding food and nutrition, restaurants and catering businesses worldwide are placing greater emphasis on providing nutrition and calorie count data. NutriCal, a technology-driven platform, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional lab testing methods, motivating many F&B businesses to adopt it. This adoption enhances transparency and compliance with regulatory standards swiftly and accurately across the GCC. Moreover, NutriCal has expanded its capabilities beyond nutrition analysis and FDA-compliant food label generation to include meal planning and recipe management services. Additionally, it offers a plug-and-play solution to empower apps, programs, or websites with its extensive database, providing complete transparency to customers about calorie and nutrient content.

NutriCal's B2B solution caters to restaurants, cloud kitchens, food delivery companies, aggregators, and food manufacturers, providing key features such as:

  • Database Integration: Utilizes the USDA database for comprehensive nutritional information.
  • Recipe Management and Organization: This feature enables users to seamlessly create, store, and organize recipes within the software interface. It includes the ability to add custom ingredients as needed, categorize recipes for efficient access, and accurately calculate recipe costs based on ingredient prices and other factors.
  • Nutrition Analysis and Labeling: Conducts a thorough analysis of recipes and menus, empowering informed dietary choices. It also generates precise nutrition labels for recipes, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and consumer transparency.
  • Prep Method Documentation: Includes features for documenting and displaying preparation methods for each recipe.
  • Menu Management and Meal Planning: Enables users to create and manage menus and catalogs seamlessly. Additionally, it allows for the creation of customizable meal plans per day or week, tailored to individual subscribers or specific dietary needs. Users can select and prioritize the nutrients they want to showcase within their meal plans.

NutriCal empowers businesses to make informed choices when developing menus, fostering a healthier lifestyle," emphasizes Soniya Ashar, NutriCal's founder. "From recipe engineering to allergy information, nutrition insights, and carbon footprint data, our platform provides comprehensive support. With easy-to-use tools, we help manage operations effectively and ensure regulatory compliance, supporting initiatives like Saudi Vision 2030. NutriCal has evolved into a comprehensive solution for F&B manufacturing demands, from analysis to food labeling and recipe creation. Using technology and data, we strive for unparalleled accuracy and compliance, driving positive change in the food industry across the GCC. Let's create a healthier, more informed society together."

Looking ahead, NutriCal plans to integrate with health and fitness apps, offering comprehensive nutritional data across the GCC. The platform empowers users with tailored nutritional information, facilitating informed dietary choices and promoting overall health and well-being.

About NutriCal:

NutriCal, founded by visionary Soniya Ashar, is UAE’s first food data intelligence platform. Launched in 2020, NutriCal originated as a restaurant calorie calculator and rapidly evolved into a comprehensive B2B solution, offering nutrition analysis, food labeling, and recipe management services. With diverse applications in meal planning, catering, and food manufacturing, NutriCal addresses industry challenges with swift nutrition analysis tools and dynamic menu organization solutions. Future-focused, NutriCal aims to integrate seamlessly into various sectors, becoming the GCC region's fundamental food intelligence database, and empowering users with tailored nutritional information for informed dietary choices. As a legacy in the making, NutriCal stands at the forefront of transforming the food industry, delivering vital data through SaaS subscriptions, APIs, consulting, and project management services. 

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