Kuwait City: Ooredoo Kuwait, the leading ICT provider and a staunch supporter of innovation in the region, revolutionized the industry earlier this year by introducing solar hybrid-powered signal boosters in selected rural locations on the mainland and islands of Kuwait.

This groundbreaking trial aimed to embrace green energy solutions, with the primary goal of significantly reducing reliance on diesel generators.

This, in turn, would lower carbon emissions and operational costs. Solar energy, considered an eco-friendly and economically attractive solution, stands out for its cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Carefully chosen trial locations, including Wafra Road, Failka Island, Subiya, and Abdali Road, were selected to assess the performance of solar hybrid cell signal boosters in diverse environments, from rural roads to picturesque islands. 

This strategic initiative aligns with Ooredoo Kuwait's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

Testing solar systems as an alternative to diesel generators signifies a significant stride toward a more environmentally responsible and economically efficient approach to powering its network. Through the adoption of solar hybrid power, the company aims to assess the efficiency and feasibility of alternative energy sources for its telecom infrastructure.

Ooredoo Kuwait believes that the outcomes of this initiative will pave the way for a greener and more cost-effective future in the telecommunications industry, underscoring the company's commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the sector.