UAE: As university admissions deadlines draw near, Nord Anglia Education (NAE) schools in the UAE are at the forefront of preparing students for their academic journeys beyond high school. With a steadfast dedication to personalised learning, NAE institutions offer tailored programmes that nurture individual strengths and ambitions, ensuring students are primed to excel in the competitive landscape of top-tier universities around the world.

Nord Anglia Education boats an impressive track record around the world, with 1 in 2 students accepted into the world’s top 100 universities. Drawing on this rich legacy of academic excellence, the group’s four UAE schools know exactly how to prepare students for an enriching and rewarding path to their first-choice university.

In the bustling educational landscape of the UAE, Nord Anglia School Dubai (NAS Dubai) shines as a beacon of holistic university preparation. Anchored by initiatives like the 'University Readiness' Programme and the innovative use of Unifrog, NAS Dubai empowers students to explore passions and strengths while navigating the intricacies of university applications. Ms. Buket Ayaz, NAS Dubai Guidance Counsellor, underscores the school's commitment to personalised learning, stating: "Our tailored approach ensures each student is well-prepared to thrive in the demanding environment of prestigious universities."

The 'University Readiness' Programme, designed specifically for Year 12 students, offers a comprehensive roadmap to success. Weekly sessions throughout the academic year immerse students in super-curricular activities, internships, online courses and summer mentorship programmes, fostering leadership skills and crafting compelling CVs tailored specifically to what university admissions teams are searching for.

Its sister institute in the capital, Nord Anglia International School Abu Dhabi (NAS Abu Dhabi), offers a purpose-built environment that enhances learning and academic achievements. This year, the school will launch its GCSE programme, marking a significant milestone for the school and the future of its students.

Under the seasoned leadership of Principal and former Founding NAS Dubai Head of Secondary, Liam Cullinan, this new programme is designed to meet the needs of every student, fostering purposeful personal growth, resilience and continued academic excellence.

“Our GCSE programme is in line with our belief that education should not only open doors to the world's top universities, but also, importantly, cultivate a passion for lifelong learning and a determination to make a positive impact. We’re creating a secondary school where every challenge is an opportunity, and every student's dream is within reach.”

The British International School Abu Dhabi (BISAD) celebrates an Outstanding ADEK rating, setting the benchmark for excellence. Aine McGlue, BISAD’s Deputy Head of Whole School, emphasises the school's commitment to delivering a world-class educational experience and providing unique pathways to success: “We are incredibly proud to have achieved ground-breaking recognition as the first British curriculum school in Abu Dhabi to receive an Outstanding rating on both the ADEK and National Identity Framework. This is a testament to our unwavering commitment towards delivering a world-class educational experience to our diverse student body.”

BISAD's personalised approach to curriculum pathways, offering options such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, BTEC Diploma, and a combined BTEC Diploma and IB pathway, empowers every child to unlock their full potential. Extensive support and guidance prepare students for future endeavours, ensuring they are well-equipped to thrive in their chosen paths, securing admission to their first-choice universities.

Meanwhile, Swiss International School Dubai (SISD) stands out with its diverse range of pathways, offering five options for Grade 11 and Grade 12, including IBDP, IBCP, BTech Only, CIS High School Certificate and a vocational BTech Level 3 Course in Business Management and Hospitality. Rhiana Courlander, SISD University Counsellor, shares: "We take great pride in our inclusive approach to Sixth Form education, offering a diverse range of options and pathways to accommodate all our students. Our primary objective is to guarantee each student's optimal curriculum fit, tailoring it to align seamlessly with their career aspirations and further education goals."

SISD starts university preparation conversations early, beginning in Grade 9. The school's three-step approach considers academic performance, personal development, and learning styles, ensuring a seamless transition to university life. Their unique bilingual curriculum also allows students to confidently study in German, Swiss and French speaking countries, while their boarding life skills programme ensures that every child is well equipped for student life at university, from cooking and budget management, to washing and sewing.

As university admissions deadlines approach, Nord Anglia Education schools stand as bastions of preparation and support for students embarking on their international tertiary journeys. For more information, including enrolment and vacancies, visit

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Nord Anglia Education (NAE) stands as the world's leading premium international schools organisation, shaping a generation of creative and resilient global citizens. Committed to making every moment of a child's education count, NAE provides a unique learning experience that combines strong academic foundations, world-class teaching, and cutting-edge technology. Inside and outside the classroom, NAE inspires students to achieve beyond their expectations.

Recognising the individuality of each child, a Nord Anglia education tailors learning to what works best for every student. This personalised approach ensures that each child leaves school equipped with the skills and mindset needed for success in their chosen endeavours.

Guided by the expertise of the world's best teachers and set against incredible learning environments, a Nord Anglia education is unparalleled. The commitment to personalised learning, innovative curricula, and a global perspective distinguishes NAE as an organisation dedicated to preparing students for a future where they confidently shape their destinies.

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