The National Investments Company has announced being named the ‘Best Local Investment Bank in Kuwait—2024’ by Euromoney International, one of the world's leading financial platforms. The prestigious award confirms the company’s prominent position among regional and local investment companies and recognizes its distinguished services and continuous achievements. 2024 NIC has witnessed exceptional performance and efforts to take its investments to the next level and develop its services to keep pace with developments in the local and regional markets.

Commenting on the recognition, Mr. Bashar Khan, Managing Director of the Investment Banking Sector at The National Investments Company, said: “Today we add a new achievement to our track of records and successes by receiving the ‘Best Local Investment Bank in Kuwait—2024’. This award affirms our position as a leader within the investment management sector. It highlights the level of professionalism we pursue and the quality of the investment management services we offer.

Khan also said that the award reflects the company's solid strategy in attracting investment operations, including mergers and acquisitions, capital increases, and managing many private placements and qualitative consultations on Boursa Kuwait. The value of recent transactions by NIC reached nearly half a billion US dollars.

NIC adopts a well-thought-out and balanced investment strategy with clear and specific objectives to attract more distinctive investment opportunities. The company's strategy extensively focuses on expanding locally and regionally by exploring high-return investment opportunities in various sectors.

“The company is going on with its promising strategic policy, which has been followed for many years, to achieve the desired goals, but within a scope of conservatism that guarantees it steadiness in achieving more successes, especially considering the fluctuations and developments in the markets that cast a shadow on the overall performance of all sectors” Added Khan.

Euromoney is a global company that bases its nominations and selections on comprehensive studies that evaluate quantitative and qualitative factors, such as key performance indicators and financial ratios, innovation and new services, industry insiders, reports, and research. These awards are granted to distinguished entities with significant achievements and results, created added value in their sectors, and contributed to raising the level of service provided through their innovative products and services. Euromoney Awards and Rankings for Excellence Programs have lasted over 50 years, attracting thousands of entries from international financial institutions.